The Small Business Kick Start Action Plan

Why Bust Your Gut When Someone Who has Been there, Can Show You the Way to Succeed?

The small business owners you know probably spent many long hours trying to figure it out on their own, and its possible they still haven’t succeeded. Maybe they have forked out thousands of dollars to consultants, coaches and mentors.

The Small Business Kick Start Action Plan has been designed to be a cost effective way of streamlining the process for you. It will show you how to set a strong foundation in your business and produce a healthy profit quicker than your competitors.

Here’s what you will discover in this action plan:

Part 1 : Your Passion, Your Vision, Your Dream Business
Part 2 : How Your Small Business is Perceived
Part 3 : How to Overcome Setbacks
Part 4 : 4 Principles to Increase Your Advertising Success
Part 5 : Promotional Tactics 101
Part 6 : The Secrets to Effective Writing
Part 7 : The Power of the Internet
Part 8 : How to Revamp a Worn Out Brand
Part 9 : Protect Your Business
Part 10 : Your Quick Start Action Plan

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