A Few Advices To Obtain A Mortgage Quickly.

I want to tell you about a few significant issues in preparation for getting a mortgage loan.

The first crucial point is that you should apply for obtaining a mortgage loan not coherently to one and then to another bank (in case of failure), but to a few banks!

Reread, please, the above council several times before saying that it is not new information for you. A very skilled Head of Mortgage Brokers has suggested me this advice at one time. He saved me so much time, energy and confidence in the future that I am still grateful to him for this simple but brilliant idea.

You think what the difference is between to submit applications coherently or in parallel. Imagine that you have a few weeks to collect documents, possibly, at work with a big difficulty persuade the head to make a phony statement with higher income, surrender documents, waiting with interested persons a few more weeks and then get a refusal from the Bank.

Believe me, you will probably think that you did everything that you could and stop trying to obtain a mortgage. Your enthusiasm will dry up, it can be not possible to persuade the chief to make the second phony income statement, the relatives who stuck money to help you have already spent it, etc. And most importantly, it is a strike to your self-confidence. You will think that the Bank refused to you, and then to obtain a mortgage loan is impossible. It is a good pretense to prorogue getting a mortgage till the increase in wages, savings of a certain amount of money and other.

Prevent this by all possible means. Try to pass the whole procedure at one dash. An important rule for this is to apply for getting a mortgage credit to several banks.

Tell yourself: “I will not be lazy; I will do three sets of documents, and submit an application for obtaining a mortgage to three banks”. By this action you will enhance your chances in half.

The following advice to obtain a mortgage. Most of the potential loan subscribers do in the following way. They tell the Bank about their wishes and then prepare the documents, which bank demands, surrender documents and wait for decision. This approach works, but the other approach works much better.

First, we find out as much as possible in detail how much income is necessary to “draw” in order to get the desired credit amount, and then we find out what documents are obligatory to be tested by the Bank and how it checks, and already under these requirements make various income statements and so on.

This approach is more effective and I recommend using it if you want to obtain a mortgage quickly and without problems.

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