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Our website has been completely overhauled to present the very best golf and investment property in Cyprus at a glance. This has been accumulated for the potential property buyer or investor so they do not have to trawl through countless websites in order to find the best prospects. Another factor which we have taken in to account is that while there are mostly reputable developers in the Cyprus, recently there have been a few indiscreet property developers. Having been centrally involved within the property industry ” we have a philosophy of dealing only with reputable developers and laywers in this process ” Our core aim is not to provide the consumer with three thousand unsold properties but the top two hundred properties available.

Geographically most Cyprus golf property is uniquely situated in the Secret Valley and in this area alone there is access to over four superlative golf developments all of the highest build quality. What makes it unique is that these courses have epic views to rival anywhere in the world, the views encompass stunning mountain scenery, combined with secluded valley and mountain settings also incorporating lovely views over the Meditteranean. You are also less than a few minutes away from Paphos town if you enjoy socialising and a vibrant nightlife in a relatively crime free country. The crime rate here is amongst the lowest in the world today. In this location there are seven beautifully designed courses including a championship rated course. In buying a property here you are encapsulating some wonderful views as well as being centrally located right by all of these courses. You are not more than five minutes away from a course in any direction you care to hit a golf ball. The properties here are mostly nestled in to the mountains, this translated means that with most properties here you have views over the valleys and courses as well as being able to witness the beautiful Cyprus sun setting over the Meditteranean sea, a rare combination of views. Although Cyprus does cater to tourists in large numbers it is not as over commercialised as certain other European destinations and has an excellent balance of lifestyle.

What kind of property do you get for your money?

The properties and prices here are better value than other traditional golfing locations in Europe. A Million Euros in Cyprus will get you an exclusive golfing villa with four to five bedrooms and as many bathrooms and showers as you care to have. The finishing quality of these villas for this budget include the latest Italian designer kitchens and appliances, furnishings of your choice, landscaped gardens, large swimming pools, many of the builders here incoporate a lot of natural stonework in their properties and beside all the other features most of these villas are in the most exclusive areas of Cyprus. The secret Valley is regarded as the ” Beverley Hills of Cyprus ” A surprisingly little known fact is that many of the developers who have completed these projects are amongst the highest rated builders in Europe, Holding the ISO 9 certification amongst others.

What about returns on any potential investment?

There are at least five benefits why many of these properties have top potential investment returns in Europe at present. There is a Disneyworld being built in Cyprus as well as a massive tennis academy costing several hundred millions of pounds aiming to bring in big spenders and as well as this there are some truly beautiful world class hotels being built in and alongside many of the golf property locations. These hotels are targeting some of the worlds richest clientelle and this is a good sign that when they are fully operational, the golf property prices here are going to seriously rise in value. Most Cyprus golf properties are located on or right by courses, off-plan or under construction, properties have dramatically increased in value over the last five years due to demand from the 50,000 expatriates now living in Cyprus and the increasing numbers of international property investors who are taking advantage of niche markets thereby maximizing their capital appreciation.

There have also been some very important trade negotiations with the Arab States all throughout 2009 and in to the early part of 2010 which have resulted in many trade agreements and new legislation which will allow Arab investors to buy and invest in Cyprus.This will without doubt increase the value of desirable property in Cyprus and any shrewd investor should be looking seriously at this market.

Top news..

There is a brand new PGA golf course only just approved through the planning process in the Polis region! Now ready to go. This course has been designed by Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player no less.. and anyone who knows golf, knows with certainty that any courses designed by these two are investment gold and furthermore they are in some of the finest golfing locations in the world. Which says a little about this location.

A little bit about the location..

The area is in the Akama national park which is a heavily protected by UNESCO as a uniquely beautiful conservation area, which offers the best of all worlds. Heavily protected from over development you will not find the average tourist strip here! You will discover what makes the Greek islands so beautiful ” Unspoilt Greece” You will also find absolutely stunning mountain scenery, beautiful nature trails, epic sweeping forests, incredible scenic diversity and lastly breathtaking sea views over pristine coves and beaches two a penny.The golf and residential developments here are all small, tasteful and have incredibly good construction quality and are built in exquisite locations encompassing the most of the views. But yet you are not far away from major towns like Ayia Napa and others, should you need a break from your peaceful existence. There has also just been a motorway constructed to link this area to all the major towns in Cyprus.

Should you need any advice on purchasing a golf or investment property in Cyprus then do not hesitate to contact us, via our press release. Remember all advice and services are absolutely free!



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