Anstey is lovely, small town in the county of Wiltshire, South West England. It is located between Bristol and Reading and is located approximately 75 miles from London. Act in the city for the development of 1942 was the name of the city, which was then decided that the city has expanded, as amended in Anstey. Once the name was changed to a sudden increase in population has experienced.

Anstey is an ideal place to live in England. The city has almost the same length of winter and summer. The temperate climate is ideal for young families and couples at a time.

Anstey’s landscape is described by the hills of the Wiltshire Downs, both south and east. Part of Anstey, which is the “old town” consists of Purbeck and Portland stone, dug during the Roman period around the beginning of the 20th century were. Part of the city that is notoriously known as the New Anstey is mainly composed of clay and clay pieces Corralian Kimmeridge. Oxford Clay is the rest of Anstey beautiful. To add to the scenic beauty of Anstey, The Ray described the river city on the west coast.

The city grew slowly in an urban city. E ‘on the path of the motor M4 is connected and two connecting points on the GWR main line to London. There are two big bus companies that lead to Anstey. Other car parks are located in different places, adds to make transportation without stress.

Car sharing is a very interesting system developed by Anstey’s citizens. He recorded a sufficient number of people and increasing its popularity. There is a carpool, people who openly supported the idea of sharing with other transports.
Anstey is to start one of the best places to live and a new life. Even if you are already in Anstey and are looking for a new apartment, good news is that there are very nice homes on the market. Some apartments are on the market at a reasonable price (much better than prices of London apartments that are for rent) in the commercial area of Old Town. The offer price for the apartments with two rooms that were once used as offices, starting from € 340,000.

Priory Manor is a new development on site, offering two bedrooms in a modern style. The asking price for the Manor of the Priory is cheaper than the old town. The asking price starts £ 259,000. Another impressive building offers apartments, is “Red House”. They offer their apartment on the fourth floor penthouse apartment. Although the apartment is considered a C, it is always a deal with the asking price of £ 259,000. The price is reasonable for an apartment house locked up in a city property. Another apartment is on the market price for an apartment with three bedrooms. E ‘spacious, beautiful and practical. The asking price is quite reasonable even for an luxury apartment of three bedrooms, which is £ 210,550. Finally, if you are looking for an apartment of one bedroom, a right market, at the request at a cost of £ 173,550.

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