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It is always important to get educated on the property market you are going to buy in, the area, type and style of property you are looking for and it doesn’t hurt to get an inside run on what happens behinds the scenes so you are better informed than your competition. Being one of Australia’s leading property buyer’s agency firms we hope this article assists you in your property endeavors.

Melbourne is the state capital of Victoria, situated in south-east Australia, around the Port Philip Bay. It is a city that offers great value for money, a mellow ambience and a lively sporting and cultural vibe. It has a population of about 3,806,092 people. This is set to increase dramatically, which is great for property investors when looking at the demand side of the property supply and demand equation. According to the Dept of Planning and Community Development this is set to hit 7.3 million people by 2031! Imagine what will happen to Melbourne property prices and construction forecasts to not keep up, so even if property developers start new property developments that is a lot of properties to be built to keep up with such demand. Property agents Melbourne would be very helpful in many ways.

It is a major centre of commerce and industry. It is renowned for its culturally diverse society and for its Victorian and contemporary architecture and the beautiful parks and gardens. Many booming businesses inhabit this metropolitan city. Some of these include most of the major names in the automotive industry like Ford, Toyota and Holden who have manufacturing plants in the city. It also is home to Australia’s busiest seaport which handles more than $75 billion in trade every year and is a crucial financial centre for Asia-Pacific.

It is host for the communications and technology industry that engages one-third of whole of Australia’s ICT (Information and communication technology) workforce. Tourism is another major blooming revenue earning industry for Melbourne and is slowly overriding the title of the Australia’s leading tourist destination that used to belong to Sydney. Melbourne has featured in the top spot in a survey undertaken by the Economist as the World’s Most Liveable Cities with regards to its culture, climate, cost of living, real estate and social conditions like low crime rate and good health care. It has favourable weather conditions as well.

Owing to the recent stabilisation in the property market prices it is the perfect time for real estate investors to consider buying long-term investments in real estate. It is advisable not to worry about the market status and hang on to the investing fundamentals while planning to buy and invest in a property in Melbourne. Buying a property in a city like Melbourne is a strong investment and should be dependent on the real estate assets rather than the timing. In the recent years, the real estate market has performed really well in Melbourne and thus there is an ever rising influx of population from overseas.

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