The increase in the buy-rental-residential investment market in recent years, the appearance was accompanied by so-called “gurus investment property.” These “gurus” spend all their time teaching as a real estate investor can also be done Millions of people from the property investment activity in residential construction.

As an expert real estate investor residential are immediately suspicious of anyone who seems to say as did one millionand how to do it too. The question is always, because when it is competing brilliant way to earn money you want to invest to share the secret with the potential for full load?

What’s in it for me?

The answer usually is that investment in real estate gurus are trying to sell something and make money in the hiring process. Most real estate gurus have tried traditional residential investment property for salefor which they receive a commission from the seller or real estate development company.

Some of these gurus are trying to beat property “investment property for British investors are the United States.

The real estate investment gurus “Markets charm of this residential property investment for owners of investment property has the effect that:

* An incredibly low price.

* A titleRent made double figures.

* A potential values of the buoyancy in the capital, as the area may experience improved.

UK & U.S. Property “Chalk & Cheese

On paper, this possibility of residential investment may be attractive. But nobody knows anything about the systems that the U.S. and UK residential real estate investment markets and is planning to know that they are very different housing markets.

What we can not say,UK property market is that it is a case in which he favors. When Mark Twain’s famous advised: “Buy land, will not do it anymore.” He, of course, if the United Kingdom in mind when making this comment. And ‘course, all living in the United Kingdom and the landlord that we are on an island crowded land supply is restricted to live. This is particularly true for the development of the country, which is limited by planning and green belt. These facts mean that the lands andTherefore, the property is still relatively expensive, especially if demand for housing by owners, tenants and investors driven by immigration, is so high.

In the United States land market and planning system is very different.

* I am very, very, most of it.

* You do not have a green belt or a planning system that is so restrictive that their system is based on zoning and land and then release big block on the outskirts of the cityand cities.

* Country can be very cheap.

This means that U.S. cities and inland cities suffered from urban decay and corruption much more than in Britain. Residents of a city, move to the new middle class suburban varies just leave the old city and the working poor or crack dealer. Property in these areas could the ridiculously low price, but not just expect any miracles of urban renewal time.

Property guru Warning
Each search rentalto think, to follow the advice of a “property guru” must stop and the first of what are their motivations?

real estate investors should be careful not to take the future range of flash car guru, confidence, bravado, promises and images of a bright e.

Rather, what should real estate investors, is as follows:

* Do as much research themselves. Use Internet search on the set Guru and their background. Could it be that theGuru is not just what they do. Have been in trouble with the law or their professional association.

* Try to understand why investors residing closer to the phrase “snap” for investment opportunities. For example, if the investment is set so strongly in the U.S., the core of Global Entrepreneurship why all the local landowners and investors are not on themselves to buy the property so greatInvestments.

* Ask the relevant question. If these investments in residential real estate are so great investment property, why not keep their mouths are and buy them all. Where they can answer that, “if they want to be greedy and have enough money.” In this case, you might want to suggest that they do not receive commissions for their return to the sale.

After this careful research by the owner, may also be that theInvestment in residential property set, is the guru real estate investment “is not all what they seem.

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