In this 20th century knowledge is very important and implementing the knowledge to achieve defined tasks is very important. Project management requires you to apply learned knowledge and also to manage people with knowledge about a particular skill.

Managers who possess brilliant technical skills have not lived to be efficient project managers. People with poor technical knowledge have been successful as project managers but their lack in technical skills pulled them back from advancing to higher level project management posts. In this world project management people who can extract the work from technically qualified people are very much in demand. A project manager should be technically sound and he/she needs to be an effective project manager so that project completes in time without any remark from the client.

Project management courseware is written by many different authors worldwide explaining the basic concepts to the higher level resources and tools which could be used for project management. These tools and software`s are a boon to project managers. Project management certification companies have their own courseware which could assist the candidate in gaining knowledge thereby making him ready for the certification exam. Many companies require project management personnel to manage projects so that the higher level management can concentrate in business dealings and efficient running of the company which could assist in the growth of company.

Often project managers reply to technical chief executives and higher authorities directly. For a particular company there might be many project managers handling teams of personnel. These personnel report and work under the supervision of the project manager. A project manager should know different software`s and needs to be updated with latest technology and project management knowledge techniques.

If we dig into the history of project management we remember two people responsible for evolving the concept of managing projects. Henry Gantt is known as father of planning and control techniques and Henri Fayol created six management functions which are regarded as the basis of project management. Project management institute was formed in the year 1969 to serve the needs of project management industry. Standards of project management can be found in the book “a guide to project management body of knowledge”. This book has standards and guidelines which form the basis for any project manager.

There are various phases of project management initiation, planning or development, execution, controlling and at the end closing. A project manager should take the product from planning to closing and to achieve these objectives a project manager should follow the standards and guidelines. A project can be closed by following various different methods.

by being certified by you have an extra edge over your competetors and certification by is respected and honoured by employers world wide.

Companies need efficient project managers who are capable of completing projects in time and take up new projects with limited number of resources. To take up this challenging position an ideal candidate needs to have thorough knowledge of project management. He or She should be able to demonstrate necessary skills through project management certifications. Certifications speak about the employee capabilities to his/her potential employer. If you are an employee and want to progress further then it is strongly recommended to have project management certification. If you are good in technical knowledge and want to progress further in your career ladder then it is strongly recommended to have a project management certification.


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