Almost all small businesses do NOT have a business plan. It is no coincidence that as a consequence, 80% of businesses fail in the first five years of operation, and 80% of those that survive fail in the next five years.

Most Business Owners believe that Business Plans are an academic exercise, and don’t have one!

Even fewer have a  marketing plan .

How many times have we heard that “yes I do have a business plan- its in my head”?


When we call them later,  they tell us that they can’t spend any time fixing up their business with new strategies, systems and marketing plans because they have these other problems; (they are still waiting on some great deal that is going to happen next month- or they need to take the cat to the vet) !

We know that they are trapped within their business and will not take action until there is an external threat impossible to ignore. Its a disaster waiting to happen!

The reason most small business owners don’t have a current Business Plan is due to a lack of understanding of their purpose or value. They may have developed one once as they started the business, but as things began to grow, they never looked at the plan again as they were too busy in the day-to-day operations of their business. 

That is, until something changed. This may have been a change they initiated, or one outside of their control. At that point their business is no longer operating within their control and problems start to emerge. Even then, they will not understand how a Business Plan may have helped avoid the situation in which they now find themselves. When we talk to such owners, the fault always lies somewhere else!

If the change is from the external environment, it may be due to a recession or high inflation making them uncompetitive, demand decline due to a change in their customers’ market, changes in regulation or one of a hundred other things that may occur.

Most Business owners say that you can’t plan for such events, but good businesses do so continually- and they survive the bad times and prosper in the good.

It is all about having sufficient resource capacity and prepared mitigation strategies to cope with such changes. It may also be that your systems and processes wont cope.

HiSpeed Consulting provides small business owners with the additional help they need to move forward and get out of the sand trap. With the worlds best strategies and techniques we help small business owners make more money with low cost marketing techniques. Think of us as the marketing Guru, IT geek, and business project planner rolled into one .

We can either provide the tools to do it yourself or we can write the plan for you whatever you choose.

Coupled to this is our one stop shop approach , whereby we look holistically at your systems and processes to find out what’s working and what’s not and then provide real world solutions .

Sounds good ?? Call us for a complimentary business & systems analysis, currently available for small business owners that are serious about their their business and making a difference.

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