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Where to begin when discussing the potential, the history, the style and the changes in the property scene in Brisbane? The weather is a huge drawcard especially for ‘southerners’ in the winter and for a city of 2 million, Brisbane has so much to offer home buyers and investors. The style of properties range from heritage and historic to brand new and trendy.

But as with so many things in life and certainly in business, knowledge is power. You may work hard to gain the knowledge and still not get what you want. Or you can rely on the knowledge, experience and expertise of property agents and advocates who know every aspect of the Brisbane property scene.

Brisbane is Brisbane

Many large cities have a geographical divide such as the western suburbs or regions in Melbourne and Sydney. Property in Point Piper and Toorak will find a large number of multi-million dollar properties. That so-called divide doesn’t apply in Brisbane. Properties vary more from suburb to suburb as you criss-cross the city. Properties vary from 19th century timber dwellings to the famous Queensland enclosed veranda homes to modern units, mansions and towering apartment blocks.

If you are looking for a property in Brisbane either to live in or to invest in, local knowledge is not so much a good idea but essential. You could do very well with Brisbane property investments or not very well at all. By having professional Brisbane buyers agent, an advocate working exclusively on your behalf, you stand an excellent chance of winning the battle in successful property hunting in Brisbane.

Knowledge is power

Brisbane City Council has divided the city into regions, into small neighbourhood areas or plans. Knowing the boundaries of these plans and the type of potential for the area gives you a definite advantage once you start looking for property. Joining forces with a Capital 360 agent in your quest means you will know which areas have the greatest potential and better still, within each area you’ll learn which type of Brisbane property is most likely to do well and which is likely to wane in popularity.

Capital 360 agents and advocates know the Brisbane property scene intimately. They know where the future changes to growth are likely to happen. They know that heritage and preservation are extremely important within Brisbane and that some houses are simply not for changing.

Knowing the respected qualities of certain houses and knowing which areas or plans are likely to become stronger means that you as an investor or house hunter will make all the right moves with all the right advice.

Being specialist Brisbane estate agents, Capital 360knows that Brisbane property offers great value for money and that the potential for future growth is outstanding.

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