Buying Property In Kefalonia? Educate Yourself About The Island’s Animals

If you’re thinking about buying property in Kefalonia , you have much to take into account. Instead of letting the small details get in your way, go ahead and take time to travel around on this island? The island of Kefalonia is filled with various kinds of landscapes, the scope entails everything from perfect white beaches to cool, lush forestlands. On the many forms of landscape, plenty of plant life and wildlife live and breathe, some unique to the island. Of particular interest are the Mediterranean monk seal, the Loggerhead turtle, and a remarkable and unexpected population of wild horses. Here’s a brief overview of these indigenous Kefalonian creatures.

Buying Property in Kefalonia? Information on the Mediterranean Monk Seal

This is a rare class of seals and is amongst the six very endangered mammals worldwide. This monk seal is the only class of seal that exists in the Mediterranean area and no where else. Unhappily, there are only around 500 of these animals in the world now and half of these are living in the waters of Greece. A full size monk seal will weigh roughly 300kg and will measure around 2.5m long. Coloured grey or brown, these animals are about 1m long and weigh about 15kg. Studies have revealed that monk seals can thrive for up to 40 years. September to November is their breeding time. Sadly, unless measures are taken quickly, the endangered monk seal is likely to become extinct in the Mediterranean region.

Buying Property in Kefalonia? Information on the Loggerhead Turtle

The only turtle nesting in Greece is the loggerhead turtle. Identified by its distinct red-brown shell and large head, this animal can reach a metre in length, and weigh over 100kg. The turtle’s eggs are laid at night, about four times per season; the egg count is about 100. Around the area of Mounda Beach on Kefalonia, people say there are approximately 80 female loggerhead turtles. The beach has a gentle incline that makes it easy for the turtles to survey the terrain before emerging from the water to lay their eggs. In addition, the area is relatively undeveloped along the beach’s 2.8km length. If you’re buying property in Kefalonia on or close to a beach, you will undoubtedly notice some of these amazing animals.

Buying Property in Kefalonia? Discover Facts Regarding the Wild Horses of the Island

The wild horses in Kefalonia are believed to have come from domesticated horses left out in the wild. In the past 100 years, only one or two herds of wild horses have been spotted on the island of Kefalonia near the monastery of Zoodochos Pighi near the village known as Arginia. The wild horses flourish in this uncultivated, rocky landscape that is full of original pine woodlands, and also deep ravines and gullies. Although descended from a known equine species, these animals, because of their isolation and harsh living conditions, are regarded by many as a distinct Kefalonian breed. Legend holds they are direct descendants of the horses of Alexander the Great

If you are buying property in Kefalonia , the island’s gentle wildlife will be one thing that will appeal to you.

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