The spectacular island of Kefalonia is situated in the Ionian Sea near the western coast of Greece. Kefalonia is not only one of the biggest Greek islands, but also the biggest in that expanse. The rich history of Kefalonia includes the time period of the past-time Greeks, Venetians, Romans, and Byzantines. Kefalonia is famous for its breathtaking beaches and also charming communities. It stands to reason that people from throughout the UK journey to this island on different holidays. Many who visit frequently find themselves buying property in Kefalonia , so they can keep coming back. These are some details in reference to the numerous sites and activities on a trip to Kefalonia.

Buying Property in Kefalonia? Discover the Archaeological Legacy of the Island

When you are mulling over buying property in Kefalonia , you cannot help but think about the island’s link to the remote historical times of yore. A lot of this history is safeguarded at the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli; there, many breathtaking treasures can be found. Artefacts that come from prehistory all the way through the Roman epoch are exhibited with pride; however, the real spirit of the compilation is an outstanding group of Mycenaean epoch discoveries. One item of this type is a gold necklace exhumed from Lakkithra at a Mycenaean cemetery. A wonderful example of the jewellery of this age, the necklace has got pairs of stylish gold spirals and goes all the way back to 12th century BC. Even another beautiful item is a Mycenaean footed cup which has an exclusive tapering style. The cup is decorated a with delicate cross-hatched geometric design, dates from the 12th century BC, and also was found at the Lakkithra cemetery.

Buying Property in Kefalonia? Go and See the Assos Town and Castle

This fortress was constructed back in the 16th century and is a superb example of the method in which Venetians erected forts. Unfortunately, it hasn’t yet been excavated, so any treasures there remain undiscovered. The bay near Assos is very scenic, and the view from the road is spectacular. Remember to stop at Assos when you are journeying between Myrtos Beach and Fiskardo. The tranquil scenery hearkens back to times gone by, and the medieval castle is absolutely beautiful when the sun is setting.

Buying Property in Kefalonia? Stop By the Corgialenios Library

One of Kefalonia’s leading citizens, Marinos Corgialenios, was perhaps the island’s greatest benefactor. Whenever Corgialenios expired in 1911, his will supplied monies for the building of a library. The library had been ruined by earthquakes in 1953 and was restructured in 1963; it was rebuilt with the aid of the Greek government plus two renowned local contributors. The library receives the support of numerous foremost families of Kefalonia; along with the Corgialenios Historical and Folk Art Museum, it is managed by an institution directed by the Metropolitan Bishop of Kefalonia.

When you are buying property in Kefalonia , property on the beach is extremely popular, plus you have numerous places from which to select; these include Myrtos, Makris Gialos, Lassi, Skala, Karavomilos, and Antisamos. Though it is more expensive, holiday homes on the seashore will extend you the true joy of life on Kefalonia.