Canada’S Investment Property Market

If you’re a foreign investor looking to buy investment property abroad, Canada’s investment property market could be the right place for your investment. Canada’s investment property market has the stability and growth potential that make property investments in Canada highly desirable. The Canadian investment property market also features the highest possible level of market transparency, which boosts confidence of foreigners buying investment properties abroad and attracts them to the safety and stability of the Canadian investment property market.

Canada’s investment property market has the highest level of transparency in the world. In its latest bi-annual Global Real Estate Transparency Index, a global commercial real estate services company, Jones Lang LaSalle, ranked Canada’s investment property market the world’s most transparent market for real estate investment. Canada has risen to the top spot from the earlier fourth position on the list of most transparent countries in terms of real property markets. This suggests that among some 82 markets worldwide, Canada’s investment property market shows the highest level of transparency in terms of the legal framework for investing in real property, cross-border capital flows, market fundamentals, listed vehicles, and transaction processes.

A high level of transparency in the Canadian real estate market suggests that investments in Canadian properties are protected by an effective legal framework that is enforced in a transparent manner. This indicates that foreign investors buying and operating investment properties in Canada face a lower cost of investment than in the less transparent markets. Buying investment property in a highly transparent real estate market such as Canada’s gives foreign investors the opportunity to bypass some of the costs and hurdles usually associated with lower levels of transparency in business operations. Canada’s quality as the most transparent property market should therefore boost confidence of foreign investors in the safety of their property investments in the Canadian real estate market.

In addition to being the most transparent property investment market in the world, Canadian real property market is also credited with the highest degree of enforcement of private property rights. The Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedoms features a subcomponent that measures the degree to which a country’s laws protect private property rights and the extent to which a country’s government enforces those laws. Canada has the top score, which suggests that the likelihood of expropriation of property investments in Canada is nonexistent, the prevalence of corruption within the judiciary is minimal, and the ability of individuals and businesses to enforce contracts is as high as possible. Foreign investors considering buying properties in Canada should view this as a positive factor that would make a real estate investment in Canada highly desirable.

The aforementioned factors benefit the image of Canada’s investment property market in the global property investment community. Investors buying investment properties abroad will view Canadian property market transparency as a factor that ensures the minimal risk of buying investment property in Canada. Once the other factors, such as higher average returns on property investments in Canada than in most other places, are added to the consideration where to invest in property markets, foreigners interested in buying investment properties abroad will surely view Canada as a top location for making their investments.

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