While you are planning an event menu, it is important to think over the following items.

You should consider the professional level of your guests, their location and ethnic background, the frequency they attend similar events throughout the year. In this case the event planner will be able to consider what menu options to propose. It is generally known that younger and middle-aged guests prefer spicier meals, while older generation of your guests would prefer a milder menu. Your catering menu planning should consider the profile of your guests and the type of event you are planning.

Your event menu should propose several choices to please your guests, for example, offer two-three choices of entrees; three or more salad options; two desserts – one healthy and one indulgent.

Determine food and beverage according to the time of year and take into consideration seasonal and fresh items. Incorporate regionally grown products or fresh seafood.

Catering menu must fit the event schedule. For instance, box lunches need only 30 minutes, plated meals need 1.5 hours and buffets require 1 hour.

An event planner should anticipate special needs that include: food allergies and dietary restrictions, religious requirements. Ask your guests if they are vegetarian, vegan or have any food allergies. Your event planners must know about their special needs.

The appropriate room should be chosen for your event. Your guests need space to move so choose a comfortable room setup. A good tip will be to setup for 8 guests in a 10 person banquet table.

One more good idea is creating ethnic or regional menus and many catering menu planners like planning events on ethnic themes. Your ethnic catering menu may include Asian (Chinese, Japanese), French, Greek, German, Italian, or Mexican menus. It will definitely please your guests.

Menu planning may be the most enjoyable part of the event. Catering menu planners will help you to make the process easy and successful.

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