Dallas Investment Properties – Invest In The Nation’s Hottest Real Estate Market

The value of a property is determined by many factors including size, enhancements, neighborhoods, economic conditions and the state it resides in. Dallas has a proven track record of being one of the largest contributors to the country’s export economy, which makes property investments in this city a lucrative decision. There are many other attributes that contribute to the successful future of Dallas investment properties and with the city being a prominent business hub, the scope for growth is endless. This potential includes businesses that foresee their branches in Dallas and those who are looking to build a great business relationship, with the ones that are established there.

Dallas is a metropolis that boasts a range of parks, entertainment complexes, prestigious neighborhoods and shopping districts that attract an overwhelming number of local and national investors, who are looking to capture their share of this enviable market. The newest addition to the city is the Trinity River project that runs through north and south Dallas and is spread over 23 miles of pristine property. The surprising part is that even with this vast exposure, there are a fair number of commercial and residential properties up for grabs in the vicinity.

Some of the most exquisite neighborhoods in Dallas are Highland Park and park cities, which feature impressive school systems and shopping villages. Downtown Dallas has recently experienced the flourish of new constructions and the revamp of stunning older homes. Preston Hollow, Oaklawn and Lakewood are just a few of the notable neighborhoods to keep in mind, when shopping for Dallas investment properties.

Dallas investment properties are extremely affordable, when compared to the other cities in the United States, for the simple reason that it is embedded with all the luxuries, at a cost below the national average. The last year has seen a growth in population by half a million and 180,000 unique job prospects, which makes Dallas investment properties all the prosperous and assuring.

The ideal properties in Dallas are in the range of $110-$140 thousand, with the rent averaging at $1150-$1600 monthly. These staggering numbers are equivalent to a 1% purchase price or better and a well deserved rent to value ratio. Another aspect of Dallas investment properties is a vast rental market, due to the low rank in Texas credit scores, which benefits both the investor and the tenants, as investors charge higher rents and the tenants avoid paying high property tax.

The trend for an investment of 5-10 years is a seamless way of acquiring Dallas properties and yields profits within the first couple of years, if executed with proper planning and direction. Dallas foreclosures are available at a fraction of the cost, which translates to 30-50% below the market rate. The city of Dallas hosts its own basketball, football and baseball teams, the American airlines center and the world’s second busiest airport, which sets Dallas investments properties apart from the other cities. Dallas investment properties are promising and should not be overlooked under any circumstances.

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