Hi, in this article I’d like to highlight some really scaring ATM crimes. These crimes are dangerous for your privacy as well as your money certainly. First of all I’d like to tell about so called ATM physical attacks. So ATM physical attacks are usually carried out for the purpose of gaining access to the cash and other valuable media stored in the ATM safe. I can give you a couple of examples. They are accordingly explosive attack, using different kinds of gases, cutting with the help of a thermal lance, diamond drill or even a rotary saw. As you might have guessed in this case the speed of the attack as well as the amount of stolen cash are considered to be the most important factors of this crime.

Then I should point out to ATM fraud. I should say that there are a lot of categories of ATM fraud. In fact ATM fraud is any kind of deliberate criminal method using an ATM to obtain something valuable. For example I can point out to card theft and PIN compromise. There are also such criminal things as a banal shoulder surfing, deposit fraud, transaction reversal, card skimming and certainly cash trapping.

I’d like to tell you more about cash trapping. To cut a long story short cash trapping stands for such attacks when the consumer’s cash is simply blocked or in other words prevented from being delivered to the consumer. I should say that these days there’s a great variety of trapping devices. For instance some of these devices may require insertion into the ATM’s cash dispenser with the help of false fronts and this also may be perfectly engineered electro-mechanical devices simulating the withdrawal of the cash by the client.

And to conclude with I’d like to add just a few words about transaction reversal. In fact transaction reversal is supposed to be rather a skilled manipulation of the ATM executed during a transaction. The main purpose of this illegal action is to convince the host computer that the victim did not receive his money and the transaction is reversed. This may require an interference with the ATM network and quite a detailed knowledge of the transaction processing rules. Be careful when using ATMs because scams are everywhere.

Those who run their own business might already thought of using ATM Services. No wonder today that in many cases ATMs do make buying process for customers easier. But it’s not the only purpose cash dispensers can be used for. Companies can install ATMs for paying off salaries, etc.

If you decided to install an ATM, you might want to have a reliable one – consider selecting Triton ATM. In any case using the Internet it is possible to find info on ATM Canada and much other related details including info on specific ATMs, prices, etc.