So let’s act and that is what we are going to start from.

Good afternoon. Simultaneously both I and my colleague had an idea of this article. For a long time I already wanted to write on this theme, and Andy as though has heard my thoughts. He has suggested to make a duet and to write this article together with me on what I have with the great pleasure agreed.

The theme of this article is really very actual both for our subscribers and for all other people – if you really liked our article you can write to us about it and advise it to your acquaintances.

As the reason for a writing of today’s our mailing some difference of two figures has served: numbers of subscribers to this mailing and number of clients. Certainly, it is more than subscribers. And today we want to address to those who for the present didn’t become our clients.

For what I am saying it? Reflect, what for you read these articles. Yes, we constantly give interesting materials in it. We acquaint with the various points of view. We tell about nuances of use of different tools of investment. We write about many possibilities of investments, unconditionally, it contains a lot of interesting information.

But thus someone is limited only to reading of such articles. And many – not only read, but also act. What they do they actually invest their money and get rich. Constitute plans and implement them, moving to the purposes. Certainly, discrepancies of a real situation and the plan are thus possible. But any plan can be corrected and move further. After all the one who does nothing isn’t mistaken only. It is possible to be afraid of possible errors and it is possible to move forward, despite everything. The second variant always as a result is advantageous.

We want to share with you our opinion concerning why people make decision to create a reserve fund, to invest on the pension, to save money to children, but they don’t start doing it. Perhaps, you will see in them yourselves.

1. The first problem usually is the most difficult. It consists in that the person doesn’t know what he wants actually. There are so many things and wishes and how them to reach is absolutely not clearly. And to refuse one purpose it is impossible, and to reach all together also is impossible. And as it would be desirable to get all and at once …
2. The second we put absence of the personal financial plan. If the plan how to understand a starting point a route isn’t constituted and how to understand what the person has already arrived to an appointment point? Without the plan there is no way and there is no card. With the personal financial plan the person very simply will understand, during what moment the person has come to the purpose as much as possible close.

The times when governments have been showering people with all sorts of grants are over. At least for a while. But that does not imply that you should get rid of the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is doable with nicely balanced attitude; small business grants including.

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