So let us continue talking about what we have mentioned in the previous article. So we have aproached to the third point:

3. Emotional experiences during market fluctuations and-or exchange rate fluctuations. I distract and I make rash decisions being guided by momentary benefit without seeing an overall picture and without having in a stock of 10-20 years. I know some people who use a credit card with the grace-period and place money for deposits receive additional some percent of profit. But they don’t know that credit card servicing costs much more expensive the debit. Whether they all the same win these superfluous pair of percent or not?

What if you don’t see results of activity? Some persons which started to invest in 2007-2008 years, and couldn’t endure the big falling of the markets only that has been focused on short-term result. They closed the saving programs with the big losses only because didn’t trust in success of their investment activity.

In a complex all these problems break the person on a way to realization of its personal financial plan. To postpone until while there will be a mood to be engaged in it, means to postpone it for vaguely long term and to create for yourself an emotional pressure. How it is possible to avoid and make what was postponed as fast as possible, pleasantly and easy?

Take the first step, any, even the idle time. Also it will be much easier after that to take the second step. For example, the first step can be to write your most important question and refer for help to the financial adviser so he could answer for you on those questions.

Break a task on drawing up of the personal financial plan into some stages.

Create the personal financial plan. To make process of realization of the personal financial plan as much as possible comfortable and convenient. For example, our advisers can prompt to you as by means of internet banking to make investment process automatic that there was no necessity it to supervise.

Trace results of realization of the personal financial plan in the table, the computer program, a notebook. This process also make as much as possible simple, fast and comfortable – then you will do it with pleasure.
Simply continue doing it with pleasure.

Reject doubts. Cease to save the information aimlessly. Aimless accumulating of the information is like creation of a pile of garbage. Aim and choose only that information which helps you to move ahead to the purpose. Act! Any action, any step to the purpose is always better than anything. So now you know exactly what to do and you can start doing it right now.

The times when governments have been showering people with all sorts of grants are over. At least for a while. But that does not imply that one must forget the idea of getting small business grants.

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