Do You Think Its Time to Claim Your Stake in the Internet Gold Rush?

It always amazes me how little Business people & consultants know about creating a real “direct response” website, whose purpose is to generate, leads. Most business owners are unaware of the trade secrets involved and as a consequence are leaving HUGE amounts of cash on the table every day! There is a very good way to persuade people to give you information so you can follow up with them. The first step involves providing a free sample of the quality merchandise or services you supply. Then, once you have identified your potential customer, this is where you canREALLY build the relationship with your customer and turn your business into a money-making machine! You can then provide them with information and services that you know they need and you can provide.

Transforming an off line business to an online business is a challenge & requires special skills, not only web design and image branding skills. Unfortunately, it often happens that the business owner looks for and finds a website designer who has no idea about direct response marketing and about selling your products and services over the internet. At best you will often end up with a fancy looking website costing a fortune that does little or nothing other than to let others know you exist, a bit like a place holder or an online business card. But, what if you could have a website that works like an unpaid salesman. Just think about it for a minute, no salary to pay, no days off sick, no superannuation, he works for you 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, Wow!! Better still it provides a constant stream of new business so you can focus on developing your business to the next level or even taking that vacation.

But then let’s just pause a minute and think about YOUR website as it is today. You might have heard about some dark secret called Search engine optimization, SEO. So now you call the same guy back again to improve your Google rankings. He tries very hard and might even get you on page one of Google but still not enough business!! What can you do next!! It’s the end of the road. This is why you should NEVER trust a designer to create your website (sadly most people don’t pay attention and end up creating a site that just sits there and collects “digital dust”!) It looks good & creates a wonderful corporate image but doesn’t produce sales leads, orders and cash in the till.

If you can imagine for a moment a big funnel shaped slide with all your on line prospects at the top waiting to become qualified prospects at the bottom. The strategy must be how to help them reach the bottom of the funnel as quickly as possible and at the same time provide other options for the others to obtain information they require elsewhere. The first step then is to grab your prospect’s attention (this is the MOST important lesson to learn!).

There are countless examples of how to design an effective internet marketing website. They require knowledge of marketing, psychology as well as the technical skill of putting an effective website together. Fortunately although these skills are not widely available they exist. The challenge is to seek them out and claim your stake in the World Wide Web. Your piece of virtual real estate where you can provide the best possible solution to your customer’s. How would you like to have a barrel-full of leads for your business getting them is a million-dollar education in itself!

Adrian is an Direct Response Marketing consultant and Web site developer. He has consulted to small medium enterprise businesses in many different sectors and is well versed at dealing with the challenges of increasing profitswith limited low cost strategies.You can grab a Free DVD from his website at

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