The Australian property market experienced a jump in demand for new housing across the 2009 period, thanks to the generous First Home Owner Grant boosts introduced the previous September. The push was especially welcomed by Brisbane investors, who were also experiencing the benefits of a much-needed infrastructure influx in and around the capital.

The opportunity for high capital growth soon pushed the popularity of add value projects in the capital city (especially new developments) through the roof. This movement has gone on to provide exceptional results over the last 18 months.

While renovations and developments continue to be hot on the minds of investors buying in Brisbane, there is no denying that 2010 has brought with it some obstacles which continue to threaten the profitability of these add value projects. The levelling out of the economy, the re-emergence of interest rate hikes and additional concerns about negatives effects from the current hung parliament are some of the bigger examples.

However, at Capital 360, we have found that from negative results, positive opportunities grow.

The recent ‘New Home Sales Report’ released by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and Jen-Wen for the month of June showed a 5.1% drop in Queensland’s detached new home sales. These results, combined with the state’s pre-financial crisis house values, now provide investors with a major opportunity to take secure properties with add value potential at competitive prices.

We don’t want you rushing into things though. Direction and planning are paramount to your success. So is being informed. It is for this reason and more that we at Capital 360 want to reveal some of our most effective strategies for approaching the Brisbane renovation and development market. We are also known as best buyers agents brisbane.

Our Policy Secret

Capital 360 is a buyers’ agency firm with property strategists and valuation experts across the nation who pride themselves on staying in the thick of their local buyers’ and sellers’ markets. Our investment specialists in our Brisbane office have revealed the following insights about the renovation and development market in Brisbane, also you have the best opportunities to buy investment brisbane ;

-Larger developments (of multiple new dwellings or units) are no longer receiving generous attention from home buyers

-Smaller, more unique new home projects remain in favour with buyers

-Smaller add value projects are completed earlier which allows for greater gains in the short term (and the opportunity to re-invest sooner)

-A buy and hold strategy works well – additional equity achieved from add value projects can be used to re-invest sooner and grow your wealth to exponential levels…faster!

If you’re looking for a buy and hold strategy to optimise the development of a site or add value potential of a project, then there is great potential to buy well in Brisbane at present. Here are some add value scenarios to get you inspired.

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