Starting a business, whether big or small, is all about direction and planning.  Developing your business plan ought to be the first thing you do when you decide to start an online business—or any business for that matter.

The plan lays the foundation and guides everything else that will follow. This is because, in order to get anywhere with your business, you have to know what you want from the business and how to achieve it.

That is why setting your goals is usually the first step towards getting where you want with your business. Every entrepreneur should have their goals in mind when starting a business, and even established business owners would do well to regularly revisit their goals so as to stay focused on their purpose.

The goals—or objectives—are a part of what is generally referred to as the business plan.

The plan defines the business, its goals, whom it will cater for, as well as what and what activities need to performed at clearly stated times in the life of the business. 

This step will set your home business on the path to success. It surely shows you as organized, responsible and committed to what you have set out to do.

And should you need additional funding from external sources (including even close friends and family members) your business plan impresses it on onlookers that you aren’t going to throw away the funds.

But to get the best out of your business plan, you have to do it right. This naturally begs the question: What exactly is a business plan? And what goes into it?

To begin with, any business plan must serve as a guideline and as an outline of goals that need to be executed for the success of the business.

It is a document that allows you and any observer to easily see the direction of your home business, and the processes through which things are done. A plan also helps you to understand at any point in time the progress of the business and its future.

Now this may sound a bit too official. But just bear in mind that the mere fact that you are now working from home does not remove the need to imbibe several of the tried and tested strategies that help medium and large-scale businesses to succeed.

Second only to inadequate capital, the absence of any clear plan for their businesses has been identified as a major cause of the high failure rate among home business owners—less than 30% of those surveyed admit to having developed any realistic business plan for their business at the outset.

Having a plan includes setting and assigning responsibilities for the objectives you want to achieve, as well as setting the target dates for achieving them. If your home business has grown to an extent when you cannot possibly perform all tasks, assign a person to take charge of each action, but you should be the one to determine when that action should be completed.

It is also important that you follow through on your plans and assigned duties. Otherwise you would’ve wasted your time planning! Build some sort of checkpoints into your schedules to help you monitor your progress on a regular basis.

Having a clear plan to guide you as you run your home business is the surest way to stay focused on your business goals. It also increases efficiency by keeping you away from non-essential tasks that rob you of your time and money.

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