It is became clear that you will face all the spectrum of such questions as divisions of banks, investors and builders and it becomes difficult enough, and not all of them can do it independently. With growth of quantity of developer real estate projects demand services of professional profile advisers, which in many countries becomes more active and the number of profile advisers grow every year. After all, advisers are necessary for the decision of similar tasks with knowledge and practical experience in sphere of real estate market, a real estate appraisal, architecture and buildings, and also the financial analysis and modeling.

In this case it will be useful for you to refer to some “Investment service” and “Consulting and the finance service”, professionally engaged in consulting services in project financing, operations with real estate, an expert evaluation, rendering of legal and auditor services, and also insurance of property and various building and financial risks will be a great help for you in any investment boiling issue.

Advantage of such group consists in work that all divisions which are engaged in rendering of different types of service cooperate among themselves and have overall aims with the investor as the most part of the income of the companies depends on success in project implementation. The second advantage of such cooperation is reduction time and the finance costs connected with support of the project and rendering of accompanying services.

In the beginning, projects pass corresponding legal, economic and building-architectural examination, where:

Lawyers determine legitimacy of the project and its “weak” sides, the status of the ground area allocated under building, and also risks which can arise at ownership right reception on the constructed object;

Services which make building examination of object, study a ground area geodesy, possibility of reception of necessary specifications for building, a reality of the coordination and accomplishment of the architecturally-building project, and also study conformity of the presented estimate on building to current market parameters;

Realtors together with appraisers give to financiers the trustworthy information supported with analogs, about cost of the ground area and the right of an assignment of the project to other investor in case of its forced “turning”, about the possible prices of realization of the constructed areas at different stages of building and under condition of object input in operation;
Financial analysts, in turn, count investment appeal of the project.

Thus, the habitual status of the realtor radically changes: from the broker on purchase and sale and a real estate lease it turns to the professional adviser in the market of real estate investments.

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