A lot of people could care less when a real estate investing opportunity knocks on their door. The reason is, they think that investing requires them to have huge amount of money to put in a property. If this misconception also prevents you from entering the real estate business, it’s time to find enlightenment. Do you know that you are very lucky to have an opportunity to make money without spending for capital? You can start flipping properties even without a pocket full of dollars.

Money is never an issue. This is true if you will never let financial constraint hinder your goal to make money. If you really want to invest in a property, you will find ways and means. Therefore, it’s time to accept the fact that real estate investing can be no money down venture. A lot of transactions here involve money. Good thing about that, it doesn’t mean you’re going to use your own money. Is that possible?

Wholesaling houses is a type of investing that doesn’t require thousands of dollars from your pocket. This type is also known as “assignment of contract.” Investors like you don’t actually buy the property. The seller will sell the property to you for a specific period of time. Then you look for someone who has the money to buy the property. You will assign the contract to the buyer to close the deal. When everything is settled, you will get your assignment fee. It’s crystal clear. You don’t really need your own money to close deals. Wholesaling houses involves money, but not your own.

Flipping properties also involves rehabbing. In house rehabbing, an investor buys a rundown property and repairs it for an immediate resale. Repairing a house is costly. However, a lot of investors do this. Why? Because of the high profit. Renovation usually takes two to three months, but investors are very patient because they know that once the rehabbing project is done, huge earnings await them.

Money is also not an issue if you want to rehab a house. You can buy a house even if you don’t have money. You can apply for hard money loans.

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