Flipping houses was previously one of the most popular investment strategies. Today, it is nearly unheard of, but there’s still money to be made in this niche. It really requires a little more ingenuity.

Two strategies prevail for flipping houses to make money. The most common involves buying houses below market value and reselling to make money. Investors typically scout out distressed properties for example foreclosure, bank owned, or short sale real estate. These types of homes normally require repairs or light renovation. Investors may either invest money into renovations or sell the home as-is.

The goal of house flipping is to resell properties quickly. If repairs are required, investors must determine whether they will require contractors or whether they can make repairs on their own. Required materials and labor costs must be calculated to find out a profitable selling price.

Purchasing distressed properties with the intent to turnover to make money requires investors to be knowledgeable about the process. Otherwise, they’ll take a seat on houses for over expected and potentially lose anticipated proceeds.

It is imperative to buy houses in locations where people wish to live. Buying low-cost homes in areas riddled with crime or with few opportunities for growth and expansion won’t be as profitable as buying properties in safe communities rich in expectation of future growth.

Newbie investors often make the mistake of investing in bank owned foreclosure property that needs major repairs. Unless investors can handle making repairs by themselves the cost of labor and material can quickly escalate and substantially decrease profit margins.

While low-cost properties can be attractive, they don’t always yield the greatest return on investment. In many cases, they become money pits and price investors a lot more than the acquisition price. This isn’t saying low-cost homes aren’t a good deal. However, investors must conduct due diligence and calculate repair cost just before submitting purchase offers.

A smaller known, but more profitable way to profit from flipping houses would be to purchase wholesale real estate. This type of rentals are sold through property wholesalers. Investors who specialize in this niche buy houses in bulk. In many cases, they purchase bank portfolios comprising multiple foreclosure homes.

Wholesale real estate is usually sold at 30- to 40-percent below market price. These properties may either be renovated or sold as-is to individuals searching for fixer-upper homes. Investors who sell wholesale properties do not engage in repairs. Instead, they slightly boost the purchase price then sell to other investors or individual buyers. Even though profit margins aren’t as substantial as selling houses in excellent condition, investors aren’t required to invest their very own money into restoring the house.

House flipping could be a lucrative business for investors that take time to discover the tricks of the trade. Because most houses require repairs it is smart for investors to learn about home repairs and renovations or create a network of contractors who’ll perform services at significantly lower rates.

Investors bored with the hands-on approach should take time to find out about wholesaling practices. Full-time wholesalers often sell as many as 20 or 30 homes per month. Even when they only generate 5-percent make money from each property they are able to still yield a good roi.

Regardless of the strategies used, this investment niche requires specific knowledge. People who remember to discover the process can avoid pitfalls, reduce expenses, and make up a diversified investment portfolio through the business of flipping houses.

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