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You can find many people interested in property investment as they yield the best returns on their investment. Some common questions people might face while investing in Florida investment properties are discussed here to help them get an easy solution:

“If I am going to invest in Florida, I need to understand why I am investing?”

This is a typical starting point that faces many of our customers when looking at property investment prospects in South West Florida. They see an investment Florida as being a positive choice to benefit from the unique set of circumstances that prevail as the gloom of recession clears and gives way to the green shoots of recovery and opportunity. For those toying with making an investment in Florida investment properties, My Florida Portfolio investment property insight  aims to provide the rationale in support of the investment case, to help you the investor to reach an informed decision. I am about assisting you to “make a choice” I am not obsessed with “making a sale”.

“Yes I get it – but how do you know it’s reached the bottom?”

Timing is crucial and none of have a crystal ball which means that we need to listen to those better informed. So let’s have a look at the facts as presented in the following articles:

For the first time in many years Dick Hogan’s piece in the Fort Myers based News Press noted that the news on median home prices, a measure of performance in the housing market, was positive.

“Prices for existing homes in Lee County were higher in March than they were a year earlier – the first time that’s happened in almost four years. The median price of an existing home sold with the help of a Realtor reached its all-time high of $322,300 in December 2005, according to Florida Association of Realtors statistics. After that, prices fell steadily as investors and down-on-their-luck homeowners let houses go into foreclosure and demand dried up. But in March, the median price was up 7 percent to $95,100 from $88,500 a year earlier. Meanwhile, the number of sales rose 9 percent from 1,464 to 1,603 in the same period.”

It may be difficult to call but the signs are that the worst of Florida’s property crash may be over. Jeff Ostrowski of the Palm Beach Post, on the basis of quarterly report of the University of Florida’s Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies, calls time!

“Florida real estate experts believe the worst of the state’s wrenching downturn is past, even if they don’t expect another boom any time soon. That’s according to a quarterly survey by the University of Florida’s Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies. The center asked appraisers, commercial real estate brokers, bankers, investors and others to take stock of the state’s real estate market. The verdict: Commercial and residential property have hit bottom.”

The only way is up!
When I say “Ready Tenanted” – I know Florida its all Theme Parks and Wintering “snow birds” – I don’t want a temporary worker or a short term tenant.”

In a soon to come article on I will assess the wider picture as to why investing in Florida is a sound mid to long term property investment. I will discuss the latest trends on property prices, demographics, and look at why large international firms are making south west Florida for their headquarters.




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