If you are Perfectly content with spending more than you need to on Computer &Telecommunications systems then no need to read further .

But If your like many Small business owners that are frustrated with rising costs and service issues then you need to hear this important message.

You now have choices to either own your own systems or connect to a Cloud computing environment that provides more for less .

But as a small business owner what do you know about cloud computing ??

What is it , Where Can you find it, How do you get it, When Should you get it .

Most of All who is able to help you,are they local and able to guide you along the right track.


Free Small Business and Cloud Computing Webinar

To get the low down on Cloud Computing for small business register today for your free 43 minute webinar explaining exactly what you need to know about Cloud Computing for Small Business Owners .


  1. What is Cloud Computing
  2. What are the major Benefits to you
  3. What are the risks and Trade offs to be aware of
  4. Which Applications and services are best for you to use in the cloud
  5. How does cloud computing save you money
  6. What is hybrid Cloud Computing and the main benefits

In this easy to understand presentation You will discover real facts and dispense with myths.

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