In fact, getting free rent from the apartments may obviously come in many different forms. Besides, if you actually have some personal experience in building maintenance, then you can quite often get the apartment for free. Well, in exchange for such free rent, you should perform certain maintenance duties around your apartment complex. However, one of the main drawbacks is that you are on call round the clock.

Moreover, some apartment complexes also have those individuals who do both grounds keeping and maintenance. Thus you need to be aware of that. Of course, there may possibly be a big number of other duties that you should perform, for example like changing out or fixing appliances, changing light bills in the hallways and taking care of leaking faucets. In addition, you may also do general cleaning and vacuuming, trimming bushes or trees and mowing lawns.

For sure, there is another good way to get free rent at many different apartments: you should become an on-site manager. Well, some apartments will certainly have separate living spaces for such managers. However, some other apartment complexes may definitely combine your personal living area with your office.

Without any doubt, there are some certain advantages and disadvantages of being this kind of apartment manager. Thus a good part is the free rent. But many building owners obviously include some other incentives for example such as basic cable, free utilities and telephone service.

And finally, there are some other ways to actually get free rent from apartments. And one of them is clearly being employed as a house sitter. Of course, you can definitely put an advertisement in the paper and even post it on the bulletin board at your apartment complex. And whilst that does not happen in each case, many different rentals actually offer free rent for the first month, but still you should be quite careful with that.

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