Small-Medium Business Owners A Crystal ball that Works

Small-Medium Business Owners

A Crystal ball that Works

Small Business owners are constantly facing stiff competition and un-relentless challenges .

Imagine that YOU had tools to combat this constant struggle .

Giving you the ability :

To identify best selling products/services or products that loose you money.

To find out the best combinations for up sell and cross sell

Identify what are YOUR best / worse months

Identify who are YOUR best / worse sales people.

Discover which customers are about to leave me & how to reduce attrition

Improve Financial forecasting & Profitability

Identify Income generating Opportunities

Business Works enables YOU to Acquire an in depth knowledge of YOUR business that can propel YOUR business into lucrative profit share deals , even if you don’t have any financial education.

The Data is hidden inside secretly within your business systems.

Business information that needs to be extracted from your company databases, with a special algorithm designed exactly to provide the required information.


  • Product description
  • Product group
  • Sales persons name
  • Purchase date
  • Cost, Price, quantity, etc…..
From your data systems or manual invoices

Business Works then manipulates this data and provides amazing results…

To Find out how Business Works can benefit your business Contact us today…

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Your Small Business Pipe Dream

For Small Business Owners servicing end customers on a daily basis, the prospect of growing the business beyond what it is today is nothing more than a pipe dream.

To even consider taking an hour out of your busy schedule to do marketing or business development is enough to make your hair stand on end .

Have you become a slave with 2 Masters ???

Sadly many small businesses have become slaves to 2 masters the customer and the clock. Its become unimaginable not being able to bill for an hour or more. 

So How Can you break out of Jail and get a life ??

Thankfully there is a Programme especially designed for small business owners that can take your business to the next level . It is Backed by a well structured coaching Programme called Positive Keys to success.

To Find out more about our programs and how you can get a Free business assessment -valued at $ 397 contact us today. It could become your get out of jail card.

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How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Did you ever hear the expression Customer Life time value ? If you did what does it mean ? It means how much is the customer worth to your business. How much do they spend per week, per month per year. How often do they spend.

Simply put, Customer Lifetime Value = average spend per week x 52 x no of purchase years.

To increase the lifetime value of your customer. You either have to  increase the average $ spent or the number of times customers buy from you . It is therefore important to maximise the customer life time value at every point in the purchase cycle.

What is the first point of customer contact in your business? If it’s the telephone, is your receptionist pleasant, informative, caring and helpful? If it is a letter, is the recipient’s name spelled correctly? Is the information accurate? Does each point of contact establish customer satisfaction and ensure repeat business?

Let’s look at your customer service cycle. Draw a circle on a sheet of paper. Somewhere on the circle identify each point of contact from your customer’s point of view. Identify what customers want at each point of contact.

As you complete the documentation of your service cycle, look for the many opportunities where you fail to trigger the next step in your business relationship (creating repeat business). Up sell , cross sell etc.

Building the Service Cycle

In your old purchase cycle the customer service is probably a one-time event. Nothing has been designed to create momentum, to move the customer to the next step in the service cycle or to increase the $ spent.

In the new purchase cyclecustomer service is seen as a vehicle to build customer satisfaction, loyalty, and commitment. Besides which, Its not what you know about all your customers that makes the difference, but each one .What if your store mails a monthly coupon book to every customer within a certain radius of the store? Plus a weekly circular that lets customers double the value of of the coupons? Suddenly, you will find yourself clipping coupons and your business is building customers into its service cycle.

Its a purchase cycle designed to create satisfied customers and repeat business. Larger businesses can cater to customer needs with specialty offers for different items. Upon checkout customers often receive additional coupons good on their next visit. The cycle is reinforced when the packer carries out their purchases, loads them into their car and wishes them a nice day.

As an example lets see how important customer service in a grocery store? Look at these numbers. The average family spends $500 a month on groceries or $6,000 a year. Over a 20-year period, it adds up to a whopping $120,000. If you figure that 100 people go through a single checkout line every day, that means each cashier manages a potential $12 million portfolio of business. That point of contact (the cashier) can affect your business in ways you never imagined – for better or worse! What about your business? How can you increase the purchase cycle ?

If you are trying to figure out ways to increase your business and would like more information about this and other low cost business development strategies contact us today .

We have a wide range of tried and tested best practice techniques for your business .

We specialise in providing solutions that will meet your individual requirements .

Lets face it, as a business owner you cannot afford a hit and miss approach .

Our Better Business Institute management tools and coaching methods will get you to the next level at HiSpeed.

We offer a turnkey packaged solution that includes an affordable modern website design , best practice marketing and business process management aimed at getting results.

If your IT and Telecommunications is not performing, we can take care of that aswell with a managed services solution for you.

For a Free no obligation Business Analysis valued at $ 397 contact us today ……… register and get our free small business guide book you can study further… request it today

Small business start-ups in New Zealand

The First steps to Starting a Small Business

For some, starting a business can be daunting and for others, it’s a case of; they can’t
wait to get started. Either way, it is always good to remember that there is lots of help
and advice out there and not only can that advice prove invaluable, it doesn’t have to
cost the earth. Treat all forms of advice as an invaluable investment into your business.
I believe, that anyone looking at running their own business is an Entrepreneur
because Entrepreneurs take resources and make things happen. That is exactly what
you are doing by running your own business.
Remember though, it’s not just about having an idea. It’s about implementing it. I
have seen people with great ideas fail, and conversely I have seen others with what
appears a poor idea, become a success.
Drive and ambition are key ingredients in Entrepreneurship but that said, it’s always
good to listen to others. If there really isn’t a demand for your idea, there is no point in
flogging a dead horse just because you want to prove others wrong.
Entrepreneurs are more innovative, leading to new products and services being
created, which in turn leads to lower unemployment and an enhancement of lifestyles.
So what makes a good entrepreneur?
It is generally recognised that the Attributes or Traits of
an Entrepreneur are fundamentally:
• Ambition (the need to succeed),
• Creativity (always innovative),
• Tenacity (often stubborn),
• Risk Tolerant (being bold),
• Intuition (spontaneous) and
• Personality (the life and soul).

To find out More about starting your own business contact us today for your free asessment and Eguide. Complete the contact form on this page.

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Small Business Outsourcing- Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to operating a Small Business Enterprise, Business Owners tend to be very covetous over the running of it .. In fact most are adamant they want to DIY everything – including constructing web sites , marketing, book keeping etc etc. But is this the right approach or not ? Consider for a moment the following :



There is clearly a major case for looking at how to emulate the rich and to maximise on the opportunity of making more money through better us of time .Improving efficiency through outsourcing Non core Business functions to people that can do it cheaper and more efficiently than you can .  For the perfectionists I suggest aiming for 80% perfection levels through using a 3rd party as the gains in the efficient use of time will probably out weigh the  difference in levels of perfection.

Few Small Business owners ever stop along the way to ask if they are making the greatest and best use of their time.  At this point the Small business owner is already mired in the process of becoming a mediocre bookkeeper.  Bookkeeping is a bit like quicksand.  The harder you struggle with it, the deeper you go, and the more draining of your time, energy, and enthusiasm this DIY project becomes.

Besides that, a psychological pattern has been set of writing checks.  Feeling pressure and pain, then  Struggling some more to keep money in the checking account.  The struggle is uncomfortable so to mitigate the pain, keep the check-writing to an absolute minimum.  That means do everything yourself, don’t hire help.  Those patterns follow into every other facet of the job of being a business owner.  Massive quantities of time disappear, or conversely, the work doesn’t get done at all, in an effort to save money, with no thought what so ever given to the value of time and the compounding effects of investing it wisely.

The Business Functions that can be outsourced include :Business Accounting, invoicing and book keeping, Marketing and Advertising ,Web site design and maintenance,IT and infrastructure support , Procedures and operating manuals, Sales proposal and tenders.

Many business owners have spent hours trying to recover critical month end data instead of focusing on their business. Have these business owner calculated the time and lost production from a single system outage ??

We witnessed a small business owner sifting through the rubble in Christchurch’s Earth Quake and then carrying server and laptop . Is this the way to operate a business – is this the Disaster Recovery plan.  Many small businesses don’t have a plan but rely on the possibility it will not happen.

Unfortunately , too many local businesses have adopted MITRE 10s statement ( DIY It’s in our DNA) approach to business and are suffering inefficiencies and unacceptable levels of risk as a result . They will never be better than mediocre and will not be able to get to the next operational level.

There are ways of overcoming this challenge and we are well positioned to help progressively minded business owners take the next step towards liberating their businesses and achieving better results .

To find out more contact for a FREE BUSINESS Readiness Audit Valued at $ 297

Finding Good Investment Property

Property investing plays an important part in many financial systems worldwide. It involves ownership and management.  On the other hand, real estate becomes an investment failure when not managed well.  To become successful in real estate investing you ought to have enough knowledge, experience and ability so you would be able to make good choices. You must have a clear plan and know your market before you start to invest.

When an investment property is located and verification of the status of the property is done, the investor has to negotiate a sale price and terms with the broker. Most investors get agents and attorneys to help them with the process because transactions when not handled well can be complex and costly.

To find good home deals you can find on the legal section, HUD, foreclosures, and tax sales of the local newspapers and look for the properties for sale and contact the owner.

You can also look for some vacant homes and talk to the neighbors of the houses because they usually know who owns the property and they would be able to tell the owner about the inquiry .  In addition, try asking for a discount, you never know they might give it you.

Property investing success starts and ends with the properties you prefer to buy. If you have chosen the wrong property, you could get stuck with real estate that no one would want or you may perhaps be forced to sell it at an undesirable price . You should have a certain property type in mind before you go searching so you would not waste a lot of time, money and energy.

Making many sources of income from properties, having policies that would protect you from losing your money, property asset loans and real estate law and taxation, learning about mortgages can also increase your changes of making extra money remains a practical thing to do.


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Investment property loans – Selling Real Estate Investment

These days, the attention to much real estate is a resident focused specifically on the properties. This is not surprising as economic and credit crisis has caused many foreclosures in the United States. As a result, many homes for sale by banks or people who want to sell their homes because the closed set. On the other side of the business, there were many people take advantage of the situation of new prices, or simply take in researchFor more affordable housing.

Investment property loans

No wonder then that the information on investment in real estate is often lost in the shuffle. However, real estate sold is quite a good option for one looking to real estate agents. Here are some tips that can be useful, especially when a new agent, or one who used to work primarily with real good as a holiday.

Note that the advertising for people to bringInvest in a particular property or piece of land is different, and are generally used for the interest in the properties of a real life special. In the latter they are trying to convince buyers that the property not only convenient, but suited to their needs, lifestyles and even personality. The above considerations are, however, the financial easier, because the person is not really the land on his life. You should probablyhence the emphasis on more “objective” characteristics and statistics, rather than on subjective things like environment.

Investment property loans

Then again, and then an hour still subjective elements to the fore when you try to find one for investors. For example, you could try a sale of land to be used to include business or school is to provide aid to disadvantaged young people. could contribute to the cause-oriented advertising. You might want to use NGOs as a source of networking. ForWho regularly “take part in the NGO Committee on the” cause “property development could be of interest to invest in people like that.

If you are adventurous, especially feeling and get contacts to help with legal issues, you may also want to have offshore investments in real estate. This could be a bit ‘difficult because the standards are different and even contradictory overlap should be followed. Here are some things you should look at isfor.

First, in some countries (the Philippines) that often the commercial property in the country have a certain percentage must be local. Be careful not to hurt unwittingly involved such reserves. Not entangled with projects that violate environmental or labor in the country where the property is located. It is normally the rules of the country, the property is not (the country of investors), thefollowed.

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Investment property loans – Getting the best real estate investment loan?

To start a real estate investment loan is a very different statement of a loan Compared to the real estate. There are a number of challenges When working with investment loans Property. To begin with you, most of the time we compare loan loan increase investment in property as the property in comparison to your area. If you > Loans real estate investment, consider the personal debt and creditor coverage of debt.

Investment property loans

Do your homework before applying for these loans. In this case, you increase your chances of approval. Before issuing the permit she will examine your-loan to-value ratio (LTV). The LTV on investment properties is almost identical to the residential loans.

LTV is basically the fault of the> Object with reference to current market value of your property. For example, if the current market value of your home is 100,000 and a loan of $ 70,000, in this case will be € 70 percent LTV private banks have no more problem with the approval of your loan to 70 percent, or LTV. But the majority of commercial banks involved in these loans require an LTV above 75 percent.

Investment property loans

Most commercial banks will also take into account yourDraft debt coverage (DCR). Debt Coverage Ratio gives them a sense of how much money was given ownership of your property, the total cost. This ratio is calculated with the help of your operating income. In general, net operating income is the money divided by the total mortgage debt that is on land cover for the calculation of your debt.

If the coverage of debt is in the range of 1.2, will face a problemGetting started in real estate investment loans. On the other hand, if the debt coverage ratio is below 1.2, they do not approve your loan application to think that the property is not economically viable in nature and you lose money.

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Investment Property Calculator – You’re Crazy To Invest Without One

Property investment is no matter of joke and warrants attention to the minutest details so as to see to it that that your hard earned money secures a high return on investment (ROI). Rookies in the real estate investment field don’t have the same experience as the veterans and need to rely on an investment property calculator to decide a properties prospects. In fact, this has become an indispensable tool for making an informed decision with regards to real estate investment.

The world-wide recession has had a negative impact on the real estate sector. The sub prime quandary in the USA has caused property prices to spill off a cliff to an all time low . Several investors, by using an investment property calculator, made sure that the fundamentals where good before buying their investments.

The credit for the same goes to the use of an investment property calculator with the help of which one can predetermine the risks involved and provided a buffer to cushion any adverse impact on their investment. Don’t make the mistake in thinking that this tool will automatically make a profitable investment for you. What is does do if furnish you the valuable material you need that is distressing to determine manually. Thereafter, it is upon you to use this piece of information wisely so as to shield yourself against any investment risks.

You can either buy an investment property calculator or use one of those available online for free. Just input the numbers into the right cells and it will leave you with the information to act upon. To elaborate further, you are required to fill details about the purchase price of the property, initial acquisition costs, refurbishment cost, rent and expected annual expenses and so on.

You will then be able to see your long term cash flow prospects, typical return upon sale, NOI, net income and many other financial variables to act upon. The best part is that you can get all this vital information within minutes of providing deal details and do not have to worry about missing out on any important factor that may later erode your investment.

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Florida’s Investment Property Insight

You can find many people interested in property investment as they yield the best returns on their investment. Some common questions people might face while investing in Florida investment properties are discussed here to help them get an easy solution:

“If I am going to invest in Florida, I need to understand why I am investing?”

This is a typical starting point that faces many of our customers when looking at property investment prospects in South West Florida. They see an investment Florida as being a positive choice to benefit from the unique set of circumstances that prevail as the gloom of recession clears and gives way to the green shoots of recovery and opportunity. For those toying with making an investment in Florida investment properties, My Florida Portfolio investment property insight  aims to provide the rationale in support of the investment case, to help you the investor to reach an informed decision. I am about assisting you to “make a choice” I am not obsessed with “making a sale”.

“Yes I get it – but how do you know it’s reached the bottom?”

Timing is crucial and none of have a crystal ball which means that we need to listen to those better informed. So let’s have a look at the facts as presented in the following articles:

For the first time in many years Dick Hogan’s piece in the Fort Myers based News Press noted that the news on median home prices, a measure of performance in the housing market, was positive.

“Prices for existing homes in Lee County were higher in March than they were a year earlier – the first time that’s happened in almost four years. The median price of an existing home sold with the help of a Realtor reached its all-time high of $322,300 in December 2005, according to Florida Association of Realtors statistics. After that, prices fell steadily as investors and down-on-their-luck homeowners let houses go into foreclosure and demand dried up. But in March, the median price was up 7 percent to $95,100 from $88,500 a year earlier. Meanwhile, the number of sales rose 9 percent from 1,464 to 1,603 in the same period.”

It may be difficult to call but the signs are that the worst of Florida’s property crash may be over. Jeff Ostrowski of the Palm Beach Post, on the basis of quarterly report of the University of Florida’s Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies, calls time!

“Florida real estate experts believe the worst of the state’s wrenching downturn is past, even if they don’t expect another boom any time soon. That’s according to a quarterly survey by the University of Florida’s Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies. The center asked appraisers, commercial real estate brokers, bankers, investors and others to take stock of the state’s real estate market. The verdict: Commercial and residential property have hit bottom.”

The only way is up!
When I say “Ready Tenanted” – I know Florida its all Theme Parks and Wintering “snow birds” – I don’t want a temporary worker or a short term tenant.”

In a soon to come article on I will assess the wider picture as to why investing in Florida is a sound mid to long term property investment. I will discuss the latest trends on property prices, demographics, and look at why large international firms are making south west Florida for their headquarters.


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Investment Property Loans: Courage to Take Risks

The American family is experiencing tough financial times. The American business is seeing even tougher times, and with no end in sight, many business owners, banks, investors, lenders, and investment property loan providers are bailing out before the ship sinks, taking them with it. The business owner of the 90s is wondering where all the prosperity went. Where did all the promise of riches, success, and financial stability go? Where did all their money go? Where did all their hopes go?

Despite the crumbling economy and smoldering real estate market, the investment property is still a shelter in the storm of the new millennium. Yes, it’s a slighting slanting shelter with many foundational cracks and holes, but the structure can be rebuilt with the help and skill of investment property managers- men and women who’ve decided to take a risk, a risk that will pay off for them now and in the future.

So what’s the first step to investing in property for the purpose of making an income? First things first, you need to create a detailed investment plan that includes background information, financial information, and information on the property you’d like to invest in. Banks won’t look twice at someone walking in off the street, asking for an investment property loan. With the market as money hungry as it is, many banks aren’t willing to take the risk of providing investment property loans unless the investment plan is solid and can provide them with the secure potential for profits.

The investment property loan is more than just money in the bank, literally. It is the chance to make something out of nothing. To take something that is broken and make it whole again, and to make money doing it. Almost everyone has heard of real estate flipping. Someone buys a home, usually a foreclosure or a home in need of serious repair, and remodels or refurbishes the home for sale at a higher cost than the original price of the home and the work that went into it. The hope is that the home will sell for more than the investor paid. Obviously there are risks- the rebuild might cost more than they are willing to invest, the house might sell for less than was invested, or the house might not sell at all.

Applying for an investment property loan is a risk for the potential investor and the bank, but with the hope and potential for incredible income, many people and banks are stepping up to take that risk. They are putting on their life vests, building up their courage, and jumping feet first into the raging waters- shaking their fists at the storm.

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How to Acquire Investment Property At once

Finding the precise investment decision with the reasonable rate can be really challenging. There are actually lots of real estates available, doing a rigorous research plus shopping in the right places is essential to ensure that you’ll obtain the most excellent deals which are presented.

Investing in real estate property entails plenty of competition. You have to be swift in the game to obtain a somewhat priced investment property. Don’t forget to tell your peers that you’re searching for an investment property. Informing other people will raise the likehood of finding that investment property. Networking with other investors is also advantageous, you can do this by becoming a part of a local real estate investment club. When these investors will distinguish that you’re looking for a real estate, then you happen to be the initial one on their directory . They’ll be the ones to search for excellent offers before you are able to even get a hold of them. The next thing that you can do is to compensate certain people to look throughout property listings. These people will call you quickly if they know that you need property. Affirm what you want regarding the real estate that you take into consideration. When a prospect is offered, they are surely paid a payment depending on your agreement. Looking for investment properties by yourself may be made as well.

You may go through property listings, newspapers and classified ads to search for wonderful deals. This is certainly an incredibly tiresome process if you don’t understand what you are doing, however should you can produce a system on how to seek out undervalued properties it follows that you can save a lot of time. Seek out the world wide web for a record of properties that are for sale. Simply encode the municipality where you are in and the kind of property that you’re looking for and bingo – it’s going to show you thousands of listings.

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Buying An Investment Property In Michigan

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The real estate market in Michigan offers varied property and offers some of the best values. Traverse City happens to be the place where you will find the best value for your property. Right after Traverse City, Detroit is another city that has the large number of property. So, whether you want to sell your property or buy one, Michigan is a business hub for real estate.


Michigan is a beautiful state with great prospects for the real estate business. Buying an investment property is a big thing for many individuals. You must be well aware of the market trends before you make any investment. These types of investments require a lot of planning. There may be several Michigan homes for sale, but before you buy a property get some background check done. Some cities in Michigan might be challenging in terms of real estate. Gladwin, in Michigan for example is a city where the real estate market is not at par with the rest of the state. However, the industry seems to be picking up pace in Gladwin too. So, if you are thinking of a buying an investment property in Gladwin, Michigan, you must know that the real estate conditions in the city seem to be improving gradually.


Many of you may consider property as an investment, but it is always to get a background check done. Since the real estate market has very steep rise and downfall, it is better that you check the appraisal value of any property before you invest on it.


If you are a seller, keep a tab of the sellers market every season. Some seasons the numbers may reach up to 1000 homes. Michigan has seen a clear rise in the real estate business where sellers have benefited because markets had new listing that doubled within a month’s time opening more opportunities for realtors to plan property management investment strategy. If you want to sell property in Michigan, you must not just be well aware of the market conditions but also about the absorption rate. This will let you determine how long it may take for the existing inventory of homes to be soaked up in the real estate market in case no new property is introduced.


The absorption rate in the real estate market may increase or decrease depending on the demand for property. This is the number you must find out in order to determine the market value you would like to set for your home. Both buying and selling involves a lot of complex procedures. If you are a buyer, it is best that you get in touch with a reliable agent. Ask your friends or family if they know of a reliable broker who can help you out with the choice.


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