Homes For Sale In Kefalonia: Have A Little Wine And Loosen Up!

If you are looking for that ideal spot to take a trip to or live in on the sunlit island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea, just off the western shore of Greece, make sure you take a little time to look around. With all the wonderful homes for sale in Kefalonia , you’re certain to find one that suits you perfectly. While there, do be sure to sample the local cuisine in one of the many tavernas. Sit back and take pleasure in the amazing view. Learn what you can about the local traditions and culture. Did you have the knowledge that Kefalonia is very vibrant in their wine industry? Keep reading to find out more.

Homes for Sale in Kefalonia: Recognise Kefalonia’s Appellation of Origin

Kefalonia is the only one of the Ionian islands which has 3 distinct appellations of origin of their wines. An appellation of origin ensures that only wines that genuinely originate in a specific region are allowed in commerce. An appellations of origin aids the makers in getting good prices for their genuine wines, and in safeguarding against the infiltration of lesser wines into the commerce place. The chief appellations of origin in Kefalonia are Robola, Mavrodaphne, an Muscat. The Robola appellation is in the centre of the island. The Palika peninsula has the Mavrodaphne and Muscat appellations. Other than the appellations, there are three definite zones for regional country wines referred to as vins de pays. If on the island searching for homes for sale in Kefalonia , make certain to taste some of its locally-made wines.

Homes for Sale in Kefalonia: Enjoy the Island’s Delicious Wines

Robola is possibly the most popular wine on the island, and may be traced back to the Neolithic times. Predominantly the wine comes from the Omala Valley, located in the central region of Kefalonia. This valley has small vineyards that have small harvests. About 90% of the grape crop consists of white varietals, but the reds are beginning to attract attention. The Robola grape is rounded, thin-skinned, and a little blonde in its colour. The Robola wines have a nice aroma of citrus and has hints of mineral. The white Muscat grape is always grown in lime and clay soils; these are employed in sweet wines. Mavrodaphne is a kind of red grape that generates a dry and rich wine which oftentimes is put in oak casks to age. Other grapes common in Kefalonia are Vostilidi, Tsaoussi, and Zakynthinio.

Homes for Sale in Kefalonia: Properties of Kefalonia’s Finest Wines

The colour of Robola is pale greenish with a yellowish tint. The aroma of this wine is citrus with implications of apple and also peach. Robola wine is well-balanced and tastes slightly of mineral. This wine doesn’t need to go in a wine cellar. Instead, a person needs to drink it within 2 years. Mavrodaphne is known by its deep reddish colour and its cherry and berry taste. This flavourful wine which ages beautifully. Muscat isn’t widely grown; however wine taken from this type grape has strong varietal aspects.

If looking for homes for sale in Kefalonia , do make sure you get some pleasure in tasting the island’s marvellous wines also.

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