Business planning involves more than just writing a lengthy document.  Much of the core value in a business plan is derived from the business strategy, business model and the effective communication of these to the intended target audience.

After consulting on the creation and development of hundreds of business plans, Business Planning HQ has developed a faster approach that the vast majority of businesses can now afford.

A survey of businesses involved in the business planning process revealed some sobering statistics.  Most first time business planners spend 2-3 days just deciding on the format their business plan should take.  As first time planners are not usually experienced writers, they tend to struggle with developing concise content set format plans.  The process of getting the language right can take almost as much time as developing the key concepts and strategy.

Business Planning HQ has developed a set of questions, the answers to which automatically populate a business plan.  Our clients believe that this approach a far simpler, more structured and efficient approach to creating a business plan.

The question led business planning approach was developed by Business Planning HQ to embody all the best of a consulting approach with the efficiency of an automated template.  All the language and logic of the plan already exists, and the answers to the questions act to help the business planner clarify their thinking, and ensure that the business model is internally consistent.  The questions are answered in their own time, and are provided in a simple excel based document.

These questions can be shared with collaborators, partners, or suppliers to ensure the best possible input is provided into the planning process.

Once the questions have been answered (usually taking less than 4 hours) the information is then automatically used to create either a business plan or a business concept pitch.

Question led business planning can reduce the usually time a first time business planner would spend from more than a week to less than 4 hours.


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