How To Become A Real Estate Bird Dog The Easy Way

Have you heard of real estate birddogging? If you are like me and want to start real estate investing, but are apprehensive and don’t have the money to do it, then real estate birddogging is probably for you!

Real estate bird dogging allows you to get a free real estate investing mentor and make a ton of money while you are learning.

I’ve been searching for an ebook on how to get started in real estate birddogging, but everything that I found was so expensive. I am on a budget and can’t afford to pay 50 dollars or more for an ebook.

I found the “Real Estate Bird Dog” ebook written by REI Resources in a real estate forum, and I saved myself a lot of money.

“Real Estate Bird Dog” gave me absolutely everything I needed to get started as a real estate bird dog. You can get the ebook at Real Estate Bird Dog

You get: telephone scripts to use with both property owners and investors, a finders fee agreement/contract, the methods to find investors to give your leads to, what to charge as a finders fee, what to ask, how to get your investors to mentor you for free, how to get the comps for free for properties, and how to find properties, including foreclosures.

I have already started birddogging and it was super easy! You will get everything you need from this $17 ebook. I have always been nervous to starting scouting for properties without some guidance. I really had no clue what to do or look for before I read “Real Estate Bird Dog”. I tried to read some books and I joined some real estate investing forums, but I still felt like I didn’t know how to get started in this. The “Real Estate Bird Dog” ebook definetly made it much easier than I expected.

I have three real estate investors who are now mentoring me while I birddog for them. I go with them when they meet with the property owners and watch the whole process. I choose investors that look for foreclosures since that is the method of real estate investing that I want to learn. I am now starting to feel confident that I can do this on my own when I am ready.

My goal is to make $50,000 as a real estate bird dog. After that, I am going to use the money to start investing myself. I love real estate birddogging, so I have been spending all my free time doing this. I expect to be able to reach my goal within a few months!

If you are like me and need to save your money, get this low cost ebook. REI Resources also gives you a bonus ebook on how to buy a house or any other property with bad credit and low money down. I learned a few tricks from this free bonus ebook too. Check it out at Real Estate Bird Dog

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