How to Buy a Rental or Investment Property

Growing needs and increasing prices often lead to our looking towards other avenues for creating income. One of the more popular modes of making money, which incidentally is also lucrative, is investing and renting out investment property. There are several factors that need to be considered when you buy a rental or investment property, in order to ensure that your purchase is profitable.


Firstly, the location where you want to invest in real estate is very important. It is essential that you understand your financial situation as well as property requirements before searching for an ideal location or property. However, once that is decided, it is important that you invest your hard earned money in a location, which is not only conducive to renters but also boasts of a good rental rate. Always bear in mind that the ultimate cash flow will depend on a variety of factors, including the cost of the property. Therefore, making the lowest quote is the best way to ensure high gains, right from the beginning.


Studying the market, either on your own or through a good realtor, before investing in property is always a logical step. This gives you a chance to understand the buyer’s as well as the renter’s market, allowing you to get maximum benefit from your investment property. Additionally, it is important to understand the kind of property you want to buy or invest in, whether a single family unit, a multifamily unit or a vacation home and the like. Cost of ownership as well as maintenance will depend on the type of unit you want to purchase as also the area in which you want to purchase and should therefore be considered before investing.


Approaching a bank or financier in advance before investing in any property and getting your mortgage approved in principle will help you in making your investment. Further, it will also allow you to appreciate the rental situation in the area, as this would be the main form of income from your investment property. Always choose a property that is close to various amenities and facilities, which makes it attractive to renters. Additionally, if you can find a property in the educational or business area, then it is definitely an icing on the cake and will fetch good revenue.


Inspection of property by a good appraiser is important before final settlement as to cost. Further, it will also help to understand the changes or repairs, if any, that are required to be made on the property, to make it suitable for rent. Researching into the occupancy and vacancy records of the building in question is also important as it will help you decide whether or not to buy the property in question.


Finally, when you see something you like, never hesitate to make an offer. Most prices are negotiable and if you do not make an offer, you will never know whether you will get it or not. Therefore, never hesitate and state your terms of purchase clearly. Once the deal is final in principle, make it legal by ensuring that your attorney draws up the necessary papers. It is important to ensure that your investment property is free of all kinds of liabilities, which can be easily done with the help of a legal attorney.

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