How To Get A Mortgage?

Is it easy to get a mortgage credit? To get a mortgage credit is easy if you are aware of how to do it. The knowledge is necessary certainly not from the banks, where the advices about how to get a mortgage were made in such a way that they are assigned for people mainly with “white” high salaries.

Of course, if a person has big “white” earnings and he wishes to get a relatively small mortgage, no additional difficulties arise. And if, as in most cases, salary is “gray” and you really do not have such revenue, which is necessary for obtaining a mortgage, and you want to repay the loan from the money received from the rent of purchased apartment, or credit will be repaid by your relatives who, because of age or some other reasons, cannot speak with your co-borrowers, then the problem of getting a mortgage becomes much more difficult.

So: how to get a mortgage if you do not pass the criteria of the Bank? In this article I will describe briefly what bank demands if you want to get a mortgage. The main attention is paid to not advertised bank demands. What to do to simplify this procedure and how to get a mortgage from the first time?

After obtaining the third mortgage and a few denials of credit, long-term contact with mortgage brokers, it has become clear for me what banks need and what algorithm should be applied. So, let’s begin.

The basic global idea that you should grasp at the subconscious level: you have to choose not the bank, which has less loan interest and charges for registration, but the one that will give a credit.

A lot of potential borrowers wander through the sites, watching the interest on the mortgage in different banks, compare fee for the examination of documents and whatnot. You have to understand that it makes no different in your situation. All banks give credits at about the same terms. If you even find a bank where the interest rate is slightly less, run for a month, collecting documents, and then bank gives up in getting a mortgage, it means that there is anything good in this bank.

You must not wander the banks in search of minimal saving. It is suitable only for those persons who have large white wages and who want to obtain a relatively small mortgage compared to his revenue. If you give up too much binding to a concrete bank, you’ve already done 20% of work on obtaining a mortgage loan.

What bank will give you a mortgage and what not? Unfortunately, I am not able to tell you exactly. However, a good sign is the following:

– A large amount of ads directed precisely not to advertise the bank in general, but on mortgage credits to physical persons;

– Information about the big number of mortgage loans obtained from the press and Internet;

– Councils of mortgage brokers or other specialists associated with the bank staff.

Subtotal: Select the bank not only on its loan [spin]conditions, but indirect evidences that they do not make overstated demands for mortgage loan subscribers.

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And we shouldn’t forget that we are living in the era of digital technologies. If we require something it would be intelligent to make use of all the tools available to us to get it at the best price on the market. For instance, for those who are interested in selling mortgage notes, modern Internet network gives a really unique opportunity to choose what is better for them. Moreover, check out relevant forums, social networks, look for related blogs and sign up for their RSS – all this will help you create a true vision of the market.

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