Where during crisis it is not necessary to put up money»

To whom war and to whom mother is native. It we about crisis which for one was wrapped by considerable problems, and gives another possibilities for earnings. Last months the quantity of advertizing and the announcements promising to the people various earnings, was enlarged in times. We have analysed the most widespread “monetary” announcements and have tried to understand, how much they are favourable and whether conceal for you, dear readers, is brave to lose the savings, writes Today.

Earnings on the Internet. Financial operations, the income to 100 % annual and above.

That ??????????

Such offers on columns you will not meet — ??????????????????? on the Internet and e-mail. In ?????????????????? it is a question about so-called ?????? which promise ???????????? 30—50 % a day! ???? — from English abbreviation HYIP, ?????????????????? investment fund. ????? haven’t something in common ???????????? in Ukraine investment funds and at them ??????????????????? in Ukraine. To put up money in ????, ???????????????? ecash (analog of the present money for calculations ??????????) from the electron purse to the organizer of fund. ???????????? to come back to you in an electron purse daily or once ?????????? days — all depends on fund strategy.


Entice gawks promises of high profit from ????????? currency, real estate, stocks and even antiques. And on most ????????? — classical financial pyramids which pay ???????????? to the first investors at the expense of enterings of money from new investors. When this stream income payments ?????????? the sums to investors stop, stop also, and the fund is closed. To hope that ???? will turn out to leave in time such fund, it is not necessary — risks ?????????????.

The credit union: accepts contributions to 61 % annual

Too expensive

Now credit ????????????? unreal rates — in some they reach depositary offers of 30-35 % ???????? to grivna (with currency ?? it is forbidden to work). But advertizing ???????????????? ?? and at all shocked us: the union promised profitableness on ????????? 61 % annual. Our experts were surprised not less. «Average rates ????????? in the credit unions for the term of 3—6 months — 15—20 % annual though extrawhich regions, depending on local specificity, ??????????????? in a range of 22-26 %», — the president ????????????? «the Program of protection of contributions» Andrey Olenchik has told to us. In its opinion, the rate 61%??????? is obviously overestimated. «To be tempted on such offers it is not necessary», — mister Olenchik has advised.


By the way, we managed to check up that disappeared for ??????????????? the advertizing offer. It has appeared — an ordinary deceit (??????????? Gosfinuslug?): such rate really is, but ???????????? not for a year, and on two — term of the special record deposit. ?????? the real rate in annual — only”30,5 %!

From themselves we will add what now to put up money in credit ??????????, but only it is careful. Many unions are ruined now (more often neiz-for crisis, and because of roguish actions of a management) though is ??? that normally work and… Even on the sly finance! (?? ????????????? in grivna, that is from the core (currency) risk of crisis ??????????????). Therefore before to put up money in ??, be convinced ???????? necessary permissions to union activity (???????????????????????????, the certificate of registration of financial establishment, the license, resolving to involve agents of members ?? for depositary accounts, ???????????????? for the term of its action; also this information it is possible to specify ????????? Gosfinuslug who is engaged in supervision for ?????????????????), read the depositary contract and see for ???????????????? clients, whether they panic.

Take the credit on the security of a car or habitation under 3—4 % a month

That offer

Such announcement is easy for meeting today ????????. Banks have ceased to finance activly, but demand for credits ???????, and the people have started to search where still to occupy money. Considering, ????????? such credits are ready to take under 3—4 % a month (and sometimes and above) for the ordinary Ukrainian who doesn’t want or is afraid to put ??????? bank to lend to someone — profitable enough business. So, the deposit ????????? in big bank will bring to you on the average $10 on ???????????? “green” in month, and the credit given out to someone — $30-40 on that ????????. The offer becomes even more attractive if to consider that in most cases such credits are given on the security of a car ???????????????.


At first sight the scheme is good also interests of the creditor-fizlitsazashchishcheny, but lawyers nevertheless don’t advise to citizens to get into such schemes. In official registration of papers under similar credits it is necessary to consider ????????????, differently the borrower can find an opening with which help ?????????? not to return money. «If the loan is made out in the oral form ??????????????? by the receipt, it is necessary to consider mass of trifles — from the indicating ????? places of its drawing up before obligatory attraction of witnesses. Correctly made receipt will help to resist to the borrower if ????????? to challenge its legality, and witnesses will confirm the fact ????????????? and the loan sum», — the legal adviser ?????????? «Shmarov ?????????» Evgenie Bondarenko speaks. It is possible to make secure, having addressed ?????????? which will offer ready forms of loan agreements and pledge. Though also it hardly will be salvage — if the borrower of money doesn’t return, ????? it is necessary to achieve truth in court, on what a lot of time ?????? will leave.

Earn on fluctuations of rates of exchange
Behind such announcements usually disappears ????????????? ?????? (forex) — the international currency market where ????????????????? trade in the basic world currencies — dollar, euro, pound, yen and etc. to Earn there like simply: there is enough ??????????? currency, to wait, while it will rise in price, and to sell. And ??????????? offers an exit on the currency market from only $10 ??????????????????. Trade occurs so: you transfer money on facial ????? bank or at the broker company (the company-intermediary between ?????????????? and you), and then through the special program ???????????????????? exchange rates and conclude transactions on purchase and currency sale, counting up a loss or profit. The majority of the companies even ???????????????? training. But…


First, as have told to us in one broker company, ????????? on ??????? only 8—10 % of private clients work. That ?????? their number, it is necessary not only to study (and the base program ?????????????? a little!) but also to devote to work on ??????? it is a lot of time, ???????????? to understand a stream of world news of the most different sense which can influence courses. Secondly, any large ?????????????????? hasn’t shown us the licenses ??? or Gosfinuslug. And ???????????? and financial operations in Ukraine should be licensed! Only ?????? the companies we have found the license of the Ministry of Finance for the organization of gamblings (tote), though now such activity in Ukrainezapreshchena. As the company — a riddle works! In favourable position ?????????????? banks (they have currency license ??? and a real exit ??????????????? the currency market), but work they basically with ?????????????????, whose starting capital makes ten thousand dollars.

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