Imagine How Investment Property Mortgage Can Help You Earn Lots of Money

When buying an investment property you are likely looking to deposit as little down as possible to get maximum control.

Be aware that if your property value falls you may well have a mortgage amount that is more than the amount of your property. You really want to work with a guru or coach who can offer several experiences and guidance.

If you prefer to use a 20% down payment for investment property mortgages the world is your oyster. Most financial institutions will bend over backwards to get your business.

You are considered very low threat to default on the mortgage.

You’ll still need a good credit score and the wages compulsory to qualify for the mortgage, but overall, you are in good shape to shop for a mortgage anywhere you please.

You should be able to find the most delightful interest rates available, whether you elect to go with a fixed rate or a flexible rate.

You should also be able to negotiate an ‘open mortgage’ which means that there is no mortgage penalty (often 3 months worth of interest) if you sell the house and pay off the mortgage early.

If you aren’t able to negotiate an open mortgage then ask if your mortgage is “portable”. If it is you may be able to move this mortgage into an alternative investment property with no penalty or condensed penalties.

And you should be able to prevent having to purchase mortgage insurance all together.

All bank and/or credit union differs on this point but with certain minimal effort and negotiation you must be able to avoid investment property mortgage insurance.

These are the details that a qualified mortgage dealer can help you with.

Know this…Investment property mortgages are constantly changing and there are new mortgages for investment properties coming presented almost monthly!

So again, a qualified mortgage broker is likely your best answer.

For investors, lingering amortization periods on investment property mortgages are advantageous because of two reasons:
1.    The interest paid on these mortgages are tax deductible.
2.    The lower monthly payment can reduce your monthly carrying costs very nicely.

Out of everything discussed around investment property mortgages, amortization periods get the most animated response from public.

There are details, fine print and exceptions to almost everything.

Things like mortgage penalties, mortgage insurance rates and mortgage conditions need to be addressed.

So you will need to do your research and make sure the investment property mortgages you use are acceptably for you.

Ask questions, don’t be scared.

If what the bank or mortgage dealer is offering you is confusing, get clarification.

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