The earned money always should be increased greatly and each user of the Internet necessarily encounters attractive offers to invest the means in various projects. As a rule, the services offer us hyip (High Yield Ivest Project), investment funds, etc. In this clause they are considered together with a position of reliability and earnings possibility at participation in these projects.

In the Internet there are large quantity of hyip and funds. Every day are opened and closed tens investment projects. There are at once some questions:

Whether it is possible to earn on such projects?

How to choose the project for investments?

What there are guarantees of return of means?

So, earnings on internet investments are real, but risky enough. You are waited by the warranted losses, at least in several projects. At the best deal the profit received from other projects, considerably will block losses. Consider that the warranted earnings on investments are received by owners of funds and monitoring projects.

among such projects there are more swindlers than among the usual sponsors offering earnings for reading of mail, a clique etc. It is caused by that it directly pays ready cash with which always there is a big temptation to disappear. We will consider characteristic signs on which it is possible to distinguish swindlers from real programs:

1. Scam (swindlers)

As a rule they simply raise money and disappear. Some payments in a current of 5-10 days are usual conducted. Their short life is accompanied by an aggressive promotion company. Their signs:

offer high percent, above 4-5 % a day, or 100 and more for a week/month – such incomes simply can’t be received in real life;

hastily made sites;

as a rule, are absent in rating and monitoring projects;

some of them on external signs are indistinguishable from real hyip – check by time here is required.

2. Financial pyramids

This kind of funds has no real projects on an investment of money. All payments are performed at the expense of attraction of new investors. Can exist as in the small period (2-3 months), and in a current of year (in this case percent are usual offered small 2-3 % a day). In pyramids it is quite possible to earn, if you are enclosed there early enough, but unfortunately it is almost impossible to guess this moment. Their signs:

there are all signs of real hyip;

moderate percent of 2-5 % a day;

difficult referral system, as a rule some levels, high enough percent;

it is not necessary to be afraid of qualitative pyramids.

So now you know how to distinguish a fraud offer from the real one, and in the next article we will talk about some real hyip offers in the next article, so keep reading.

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