Real hyip

Money is enclosed in real projects that we cannot confirm in any way. Their signs:

a qualitative site – estimate design, degree of completeness of a site, banal absence of grammatical errors;

necessarily paid hosting;

the domain of the second, more rare of the third level;

it is desirable that on a site there were sections:

conditions of terms of service (though they have no legal force);

the description of strategy of investment (where money will be put up);

a forum;

withdrawals of investors;

references to monitoring projects where this site has ratings;

necessarily there should be a user account – you can get in the beginning it, look at its possibilities and only then to deposit money;

a contact information: an e-mail, phones, addresses and names of managers;

if at fund there is a considerable quantity of investors (an indirect sign of it high ratings, in several monitoring projects) it can mean the fast end of the program – enclose minimum is better;

it is desirable, that the fund had a minimum amount of the contribution of $10 or $20 – pyramids put a minimum of $1 more often.

Here some summary councils and the supervision received by practical consideration:

all funds are closed sooner or later;

enclose the small sum and checkup how much stably the fund works, how accurately he pays;

it is better to be enclosed in some funds, than in one;

don’t put the large sums of one fund!

average yield on funds, taking into account that some of them are closed constitutes at me of 10-20 % a month;

as the sums of contributions don’t exceed several dollars for reduction of commission losses I remove money in the portions of times in 2-4 days;

if the fund starts to write about hacker attacks, its site periodically to become inaccessible – remove from it money, as soon as possible and at least anything else in it don’t put (an exception – planned switching-off, hosting change, etc. – about them should warn in advance);

if the program site is slapped together don’t try to put there at all anything is a something ephemeral (scam);

the majority of funds become on sample scripts which it is possible to purchase all for $0.10, therefore the original design and scripts, say that the project is calculated at least for some months more often;

avoid projects in which in general there is no domestic account, and all registration consists in transfer of money for the specified purse;

a situation with funds change very quickly, it is desirable to trace it attentively, at least daily you should visit monitoring programs. So now you know that it is possible to enclose money to the internet hyip projects and now you should not be afraid is it fraud project or not, because you can easily distinguish it.

The days when governments have been showering people with all sorts of grants have passed. At least for some time. But that does not imply that one must get rid of the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is possible with wise attitude; small business grants including.

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