Separately it is necessary to talk about issue of guarantees of return of means and trust. All projects in the rules contain point, that any guarantees in the project doesn’t give also all contributions and you do meaningly at own risk, so what does it mean? For example, there are no real guarantees of return of the enclosed means! “Guarantees” of a following kind are often given:

certificate Web Money – at the best in reply to complaints the web money purse will be blocked, but by this moment in that web money purse there won’t be any money;

participation in known monitorings – is often bought, simply look at their black lists, after all, all these funds were in monitorings;

id data of the owner of fund are given – tens of such funds have already successfully failed.

I hope that you have already got the desire to rush into the world of investments like mad. Now it is possible to consider a number of types of projects in which it is possible to put money with minimum risk for yourself and your enclosed means: So let us consider what it is:

behind the project there is a real company;

contributions offer, some payment systems, they give low percent, but they can be also more reliable than those which offer great percent but hen simply disappear somewhere where you won’t find them anymore;

a number of managers of our post sponsors was opened by the investment funds while there were not any cases of bankruptcy from fraud behaviors of investors;

in a number of forums it is possible to find offers on contributions for small terms (further, as a rule, such projects or are closed having paid off or develop into actually funds). Practically always it is possible to find one or two if such offers.

a number of projects have internal (for participants) deposits with small percent where it is possible to put means earned at them.

I hope, these series of articles for you has cleared something, on the one hand having broken a part of illusions concerning fast enrichment and with another having shown that it is actually possible to earn something without being afraid that where it is some fraud or not, of course don’t think that you will earn a lot of money fast as in these very sphere it is almost impossible to do fast, but it can give you some good constant income and a good expirience. I advise you to try the forces in investments on the small sums, but don’t try to transform it at once into the basic earnings and always remember possible losses. It is better to consider it as gambling, than upon it and by the current moment.

The days when governments have been showering people with all types of grants have passed. At least for a while. But that does not mean that you must get rid of the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is doable with nicely balanced approach; small business grants including.

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