So where it is better to invest such money?

For the businessman this question is ridiculous and simple. But you have, let us assume, grown rich! The inheritance has fallen down on you in one million dollars. Or you have won in a lottery (casino). Or you have been paid the fantastic fee. Whether yes it is not enough “or”… Also what will you do with it, after that when pay off with all creditors and after you see enough? Further there is a problem of preserving and augmentation of the riches. Money shouldn’t lie simply, they should do… Money. It is necessary to listen to wise people and to think.

First of all, leave alone such super profitable, and the same super dangerous affairs, as oil trade, drugs, the weapon, women and the native land. We will find, maybe, not so effective, but the reliable and checked up methods. As you already guess, “to store eggs in one basket” Englishmen don’t recommend.

First of all, we will turn the looks to “the filthy lucre” exciting minds of adventurers, bankers of all times and people.

Gold, gold…

There is a sense to enclose a capital part in gold. Also buy better “bank gold” — ingots of the higher test (they can be given, put on deposits to sell, use as pledge to hand down, and, at last, simply to store).

Specialists recommend keeping in gold from 5 % to 10 % of the capital. In some countries bank gold can be used for credit reception on the security, to hand over in bank on safe custody, and also to place on the deposit. The most profitable is last operation: you buy an ingot gold in bank and again put it in bank, for what receive the stipulated percent.

The rate under the deposit constitutes 2–6 % from cost of metal and depends on contract periods. Deposit interests can be paid both in metal, and cash. Metal recalculation in cash should be stipulated in a special way. Banks put into circulation the deposited gold that is sell-buy. But the metal security stock is always stored in bank — for issue to the client at repayment of the deposit and on case of bankruptcies.

Bank ingots can be exported. Here only cashing in in foreign exchange and other operations abroad with bank ingots of the national production is a problem. The matter is that foreign banks don’t recognize ours production of gold of the higher clearing by the national enterprises, though, this yields nothing to the foreign banks. All the matter is in a competition.

So if you plan operations with gold abroad acquire ingots of the recognized western companies. For example, the successful are German manufacturers, such as Degussa and Heraeus.

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