Investment Property Management

Buying an investment property in Toronto is a long term investment in a solid real estate market. Learning the market and looking at different alternative will get you a condo in a place you deemed to be the best for your needs. 

If you do not live in close proximity to your property or if you have to move to another city or another country you need a property manager in Toronto to look after your property for you.  Condo suite management in Toronto will be necessary for out of town investors.  Managing investment property by an absent landlord can be hard to do.  

What does a property management company do? Property management services include renting the property, collecting the rent, paying bills, answering questions from the tenant, inspecting the property, and filling your taxes.  Property Management Company in Toronto will perform all the landlord’s tasks.

Property Management Company in the GTA, property Management Company in Ontario, serves as a local agent with Canada Revenue Agency.  Having a local agent can save you money as you might be able to eliminate tax withholdings. If you do not file an annual return as a Canadian you should look into this issue.  Not filling might be expensive when you sale your property.

If you need someone to rent an investment property in Toronto for you, if you need someone to operate an investment property in Toronto for you, if you need to evict a tenant in Ontario, if you need to file a tax return as a non-resident you need a property management company in Toronto. 

Investment property management in Toronto is a service that can help you turn a good investment into an excellent investment. If you say to yourself I need someone to manage my property in Toronto give us a call or send us an email. We have been doing residential condominium management in Toronto since 2002.

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