In the world there is such concept that you have to pay for everything. And so, it is truth. Anybody in the modern world doesn’t do anything simply so, especially if it concerns money. Each person who independently earns money feels their value as for this purpose that them to earn it is necessary to make some efforts. Therefore very few people will give you money if won’t have from it any benefit. Especially it has concerned business. Any attraction costs money fair efforts as it is necessary to prove constantly that your project profitable and it is necessary to invest the capital in it. Capital investments for the purpose of its gain are called as investments. There are different kinds and orientations: straight lines, capital, total, financial, internal, external and so on.

Direct investments are the investments directed on reception of a considerable share in the capital of the enterprise, by purchasing of its shares. Such investments have a chief goal which consists in that the new investor aspires to improve the enterprise by injection in it of the capital for this purpose that in the future the enterprise could make profit. Profitableness is main criterion of realization of any investments. The monetary flow always should exceed considerably the enclosed money funds as only it speaks about successful project implementation.

Investments happen different and accordingly conditions of their reception are different. One investors demand availability of mortgage means which can provide with it returning of money if the project doesn’t make profit. But there are also investments without pledge. They don’t demand availability of certain means or project implementation funds. The investor himself determines rules of an investment of equity in your business. All rules and conditions make a reservation at signing of the contract and register in the document. The contract has legal force and has the information on the rights and obligations of each party.

One of the most reliable investments is long-term investment in real estate. To invest in real estate it is much more reliable, than in certain engineering procedure as at investment in building you can see real result which will be a guarantee of that money is used rationally. Direct investments from private investors are an investment of money from private persons on task in view of realization on definite purpose achievement.
You can find the information on offers on capital investments in your business. Many investors leave announcements on purpose to find the project in which it is necessary to put up money today, but through certain time to return them in the same size plus profit on their use. Each investor offers the sum which it is ready to enclose in business. Also on a site you can place the announcement on search of investments. It is not excluded that after a while after placing of the announcement you will find the necessary and reliable investor with whom you will cooperate in business realization of your business plan.

It is very reasonable that government, despite this crisis is not abandoning to help small businesses. And small business grants can be a real helper right now.

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