Issue Of A Mortgage Credit Is A Very Serious Operation.

Buying housing – is one of the most significant financial investments in life. The majority of potential buyers of the houses are hoarding money for housing for many years. In such cases, the best solution is to buy an apartment on credit.

1. The essence of the mortgage.

Mortgage – is a system of long-time[spin]loans given for buying housing. The main advantage of the mortgage lies in the fact that the buyer has an opportunity to purchase housing, making initial installment, which typically ranges from 10 to 30% of the purchase price (and sometimes 0%). The bank gives the remaining amount as a loan for a period of 10-27 years or more. Having the necessary information, it is possible to issue a mortgage loan on your own; most banks have long been granted mortgage loans to individuals without participation of real estate agencies and other agents.

Unlike other types of loan, mortgage credit is purpose, then it can only be given for the purchase of housing, the main collateral is a pledge (mortgage) of purchased housing. The housing is pledged to the pledge holder to the full repayment. This imposes some limits on the right to use and manage the apartment until full repayment of the loan.

Mortgage lender is a bank that gave the loan. If the bank works on its own mortgage program, it will be the pledgee until full repayment of the credit. If the bank works on a federal program of mortgage lending, then within 2-3 months the mortgage will be repurchased by the Federal Agency of Housing Mortgage Lending. In this case, your loan payments will continue to be paid on your by a L / C bank account and the bank will transfer them to a new mortgagee. When changing the pledge holder, you will be notified in writing form, usually this message is sent to the address of purchased apartment. When receiving such a message, you must come to the bank to rewrite a statement for transfer of loan payments from your account in behalf of a new mortgagee.

2. Programs of Mortgage Lending.

Many banks propose various mortgage lending programs, both within of the federal program as well as their own. These programs may slightly broaden or narrow the requirements of the federal program under the conditions of the credit, depending on how the bank values its risks in this direction, such as the issuance of mortgage credits under the purchase of housing investment in the building phase.

In each case the bank and mortgage program should be chosen individually, considering many factors. It also happens that in the bank, where there are the most favorable conditions at first glance, for whatever reasons, the customer cannot get a loan in the necessary amount.

The programs also vary in interest rates, presence or absence of the guarantors, the ability to lend some kind of housing, as well as terms of installment plan. However, if the bank issues the credit at a very low rate, it is possible that the issuing and maintenance of the credit – will be the most costly.

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