Executive Consulting in Business Solutions llc www.ECBSllc.com IT Service and Project Management works with organizations to help them design integrated processes and deploy technologies to align IT service with business needs, strategic goals and the expectations of the end user.

Organizations often struggle to maintain data integrity and system availability while delivering solutions to customers and business users. According to the IT Process for IT service Institute study, up to 80 percent of unplanned downtime is spent trying to answer the question, “What changed?” Performance issues, frequent outages and long lead times to implement changes often cast a negative perception on the IT department. The risks are typically higher when there is a lack of documented, standardized policies and procedures, excessive unplanned work and emergency fixes, low customer satisfaction, an inability to identify undocumented changes, an excessive number of recurring incidents or failed changes and poor communication protocol for notifying end users about changes.

The ECBSllc IT Support and Management consultants employ their ITSM training and experience, proven technologies and comprehensive methodologies to help you decrease downtime and improve change success and incident resolution, all while achieving your audit and compliance objectives or just managing you Computer Network Services. The resulting gains and efficiencies allow IT personnel to focus on strategic projects rather than “firefighting.”

At ECBSllc you will be provided with a team of professionals who are experts in the IT Industry, so you can count on us to provide all the support and service you need for your business. Our services are based on a time proven technique that brings value to our customer. We are your Director of IT, Systems Engineer, Network Administrator, Helpdesk Technician, IT Support Consultant, and Project Manager. Our organization’s primary goal is to become an extension of your company while providing you the value of a fully staffed corporate IT department.

ECBSllc is a single-source technology solution for the restaurant and retail industries. We have over 20 years of experience servicing retail & restaurant Point-Of-Sale systems throughout the country. We cover the latest technology in Point-Of-Sale terminals, headsets, streaming music, kitchen video systems, digital signage, and much more.

ECBSllc prepares our technicians in-house in our onsite, state-of-the-art education center. Trained to diagnose and fix any problem, our field technicians and help desk are experts in both hardware and software support. Knowledgeable in a variety of POS systems, CCTV security, data cabling, drive-thru technology and more, ECBSllc technicians are available 24-hours a day.

Our experienced sales staff can help assess your business, reviewing your current Point-Of-Sale, drive thru, and security systems and recommending options that will maximize efficiency and increase sales. Our services include project management, site surveys, de-installation and installation, as well as onsite and “go live” support as needed. ECBSllc offers a comprehensive and streamlined solution for your restaurant or retail store, with a national field service and sales staff to assist you with finding the right product, installation, service and support.

Our customers also run in different verticals, such as healthcare, warehousing and distribution, financial services and legal services. Our services are completely customizable because we understand that each customer is unique. We then provide first class IT service to businesses that are looking to take advantage of new opportunities with IT Support that is designed, created and implemented according to your unique business processes.

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