Hi, I’d like to tell you just a few words about card theft which may arise when dealing with ATMs. To my mind you’d better be aware of it because this knowledge may help you to avoid probable scam attacks when using ATMs.

So I’d like to start with card theft. In this case a criminal gets a consumer’s card. I should stress that the most popular method of card theft is of course card trapping. By the way this card trapping is often carried out using so called Lebanese Loop. In fact this Lebanese Loop is specially designed to be inserted within the card entry slot of the ATM machine card reader. As you might have guessed this device is installed in such a way that gives a customer an opportunity to enter his card as he normally does it. Most probably that the client won’t notice this device. Then the perpetrator removes the caught card when the consumer has gone away from the ATM being assured that this particular ATM has just swallowed his card. By the way I can point out to another method of card theft known as card swapping of course. In this case a consumer’s card is simply swapped for a card having a similar appearance. In fact it’s not difficult to understand how it works.

And to conclude with I should illustrate deposit fraud. I should say this deposit fraud stands for a variety of criminal techniques ranging from making false deposits to even trapping deposits using a precise trick with a deposit accepting device. Deposit fraud use so called exploiting processing rules to draw on funds before money has been verified and of course officially cleared for crediting to a particular account. As in that case with cash trapping, using deposit trapping gives a perpetrator an opportunity to obtain the valuable stuff within the deposit terminals safe as well as security enclosure. They intelligent guys can apply special techniques enabling them to convince the deposit terminal that it has already got and validated a deposit while it’s not true as you know. I suppose you’ll never become their victim.

So every time you are inclined to use the whole potential of ATMs you need to mentally go back to this extremely worthy review and recall each line. You should keep in mind that scams are simply everywhere these days. And they really admire ATMs because they give them a lot of benefits as for making easy money. It’s clear that inexperienced users of ATMs subconsciously assist frauds to make more money illegally because those people who are unaware of all of this mentioned above are very vulnerable to fraud attacks. Don’t forget that ATMs aren’t only extremely advantageous devices but at the same time they expose you to certain danger. Most probably ATMs aren’t developed enough to resist fraud attacks. And as follows from this you should rely mainly on your attention and situation awareness certainly.

If you run your own business you might already have considered using ATM Services. It’s not a surprise today that in many cases ATMs do make buying process for customers easier. But it’s not the only purpose cash dispensers can be used for. Enterprises can install ATMs for paying off salaries, etc.

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