Land Investment is very similar to property investment in terms of it’s all about location, location, location.

Land can be purchased amazingly cheaply or incredibly expensively but it all comes down to you really do get what you pay for.

Take Bulgarian land for example. The average price per square metre of agricultural land can be as low as £2-£3 per square metre, sometimes even lower. But to get any land that is actually worth purchasing you would need to spend £4-£10 or even more. However, too many people get caught up on price and prefer to buy huge fields of sprawling land for a cheap price rather than make a proper investment in something that actually has demand and a reason to increase in price and more imporantly an end user to sell to.

The Ethos Overseas land review on the “Land Review” website proved that Ethos Overseas continue to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to land investment.

The Land Review website gave Ethos Overseas top marks in the land industry for selecting well priced land that balanced cost with reward. Ethos Overseas have taken the bold step of steering clear of the really cheap land to instead provide a slightly more expensive land investment but one that in turn actually provides real chance for large capital growth and even often combines a guaranteed rental income too.

Land is becoming rapidly more attractive to property due to lower investment levels which mean often less capital but also less need to mortgage meaning no loss in profits due to interest payments.

As Ethos Overseas also rightly points out as well, land investment is more attractive to property due to the fact that there are fewer, if any running costs. There is no maintenance, council tax or other such fees or worries when renting out property.

Ethos Overseas was seen to be top of the land investment industry thanks to its proven track record over the last 8 years combined with an agressive and forward thinking approach to the way it sources land. Ethos Overseas follow a strict criteria that they do not stray from simply to meet budgets or appear cheap. Basically, if Ethos Overseas thinks it’s found an area or parcel of land that will make money then they aquire that land regardless of cost rather than simply going for the cheap land that inevitably sits around for many years before making the client any money.

Land investment has spread out from the UK with destinations such as Brazil and Bulgaria becoming more and more attractive due to their “emerging market” status that provides much more potential for rapid growth than an already established market such as the UK or US.

Ethos Overseas currently seems to mainly target Bulgaria although Ethos Overseas do have land in various other countries across the World.

The main thing to remember with land investment is to treat it like you’re buying a property. Think about the location and think about whether it has the factors that will stimulate growth. Never just look at a cheap price!

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