Secrets To Bulk REO Investing

Thinking of investing in Bulk REO?

I can tell you with certainty of years of experience in Bulk REO properties that this is a great decision. It is also the one that could make you thousands of dollars. And if making good money is not enough reason to go for it there are seven more great reasons to buy Bulk REO properties. Let’s take a look.

1. Bulk purchasing
Much like Sams Club, Bulk REO Properties come in wholesale packs and great prices. Bulk REO Properties sell up to 50% of the real value. Banks do not want to waste money taking care of them. The best they can do is selling them at discounted prices to clear their books. Everyone wins.

2. Debt free investing

Worried about financing? Don’t be! Banks are so eager to get rid of Bulk REO Properties that low prices mean you are likely to find many financial sources ready to back you up. Hard money, commercial financing and non conventional hedge funds and private investors
are all on the plate. With them on board, you profit by gaining properties and not the debt. Beautiful ha?

3. Minimal risk with bulk REO

The wonderful thing about bulk REO is that it does not require large investments. Better yet it does not mean big loans. What it does mean is purchasing Bulk REO properties in good condition at the fraction of the price and reselling them at full price. And that means minimal risk exposure. Meaning, invest away. And strike
while the iron is hot. Game time is now!

4. Direct access to bulk REO dealers is key

Access! Access! Access! That is the key to Bulk REO purchasing. Many have tried and failed without means of getting to coveted REO sales lists. No need to waste for untold hours knocking on firmly closed doors. Success comes with something as easy as going with your local bulk REO property expert with direct access to the
coveted lists. A great way to stop wasting time and start making money. Time is money.

5. Access to shadow inventory
Shadow inventory, a simple way to call a list of 2 to 8 billions worth of homes in default and foreclosure, can have grown weep and bulk REO investors pull their hair out in frustration. Frustration because shadow inventory is one of the best kept list in bulk REO purchasing. And “hair out” because you must have it to make money on bulk REO. But fear not. Join any Bulk REO expert and shadow inventory is yours for the taking. And the money making.

6. Profit, profit, profit

Simply put Bulk REO Investing mean cash. With banks rolling bulk properties at low prices, entrepreneurial REO investors have unique chance to take advantage of favorable conditions. Minimum investment for maximum cash. What more can an investor ask for?

7. Immediate income $$
Short of wining a lottery bulk REO is a perfect way to stuff oneself with cash to the gills. By purchasing bulk REO properties at 45% off and reselling them at full price, the difference turns into immediate income. No waiting, no hassling and no question about it.

So while bulk REO properties are not for the faint to heart, they are definitely for the ones fond of money. Because any way you spin this story, bulk REO purchasing means low risk and great profit.

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