It goes without saying that you aren’t able to evaluate a test tool by reading a data sheet. I should say that all data sheets look rather alike. For example you can notice that here the buzzwords are almost the same. They are accordingly industry leader, automated testing, unique technology and certainly advanced techniques. Even screenshots appear to be rather similar.

Certainly you want to know more about software testing. In fact everybody does some amount of testing when doing some of the same things. By the way you should pay a special attention to the fact that I’ve just told exactly “some” and I haven’t said “all.” I should say that the absence of system testing often results in bugs arising. It goes without saying combinations of inputs should be properly tested before using the application.

I’d like to stress that these days not so many people try integration testing and moreover even fewer guys deal with unit testing. If you have already done some integration as well as unit testing, then most probably that you should know the exact amount of test code to be generated for the purpose of isolation a group of files from the rest of the application. I should say that it’s quite an uncommon thing when the amount of your test code is larger than the amount of your application code being tested. And accordingly these levels of testing are usually applied to a certain mission as well as safety critical applications widely used in such spheres as railway, medical device, and aviation.

I’d like to explain you what this automated testing means. Of course it’s known that the process of manual integration testing is considered to be very expensive and certainly time consuming. And as follows from this every tool sold in this market niche should support this essential function of automated testing. To cut a long story short automated testing means an opportunity to get a green check pointing out that the code is correct. And to get this code one need to press the only one button. By the way I’ve forgotten to mention that a red signal indicates failure in this system.

To my great regret this magic tool does not exist in the world. But it’s clear that it’s impossible to use this tool if it doesn’t exist. But on the other hand we can assume that your tool has got the only one code which is “Ok”. In my opinion this means that your code is formatted perfectly. Most probably it may conform to your peculiar coding standards. But on the other hand it doesn’t mean that you’ve got an ideal solution. Ideal solutions don’t exist too, but the main thing is that automation will make your work easier and you should realize it. I hope you’ll be satisfied with your testing.

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