Hi, I’d like to discuss business intelligence right now. Of course you’ve heard this word so many times. But not so long ago you didn’t care about this business intelligence at all. And there’s no wonder about it because you didn’t run your own business and you were just an employee. But long gone those times and currently you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve got your own IT business. As follows from this that you can’ do without business intelligence solutions because you need to optimize your business. So I’d like to give you some more information about business intelligence right now.

In most cases business intelligence is associated with such thing as reporting tools, dashboards, analytics, scorecards, data warehouse, data modeling, online analytical processing, data mining, performance management and so on. But of course in reality the number of components is much bigger.

It’s believed that the business intelligence market is saturated. The matter is that business intelligence offers rather diverse opportunities and as follows from this the market is overwhelmed with vendors trying to sell their business intelligence solutions. So you have to compare thousands of similar business intelligence products. To my great regret searching for business intelligence solutions is a very challenging thing especially for beginners. It’s obvious that every product may lack some essential features while having a couple of useless ones. So when choosing a business intelligence solution you should keep in mind those features that you really need.

Business intelligence feature set is considered to be rather complex. In fact when compared with standard business software applications these business intelligence solutions have much more features and I should say that learning these features may appear to be rather challenging for you and accordingly you should be ready for this. For example you should get acquainted with reporting, displaying data visually, adding summarizations and so on. When dealing with such an aspect of business intelligence as data mining you need to learn such thing as clustering, regression, decision trees and other nuances. It’s clear that these all-powerful features require more persistence in learning when compared with these outdated out-of-the box solutions.

They say that business intelligence solutions are horizontal ones and not vertical. It’s known that business intelligence platforms require mainly a horizontal approach to data. By the way many vertical applications support this too. In fact every business organization using data has a certain potential for using business intelligence solutions. And it doesn’t matter how many vertical applications are currently used by this particular company. By the way don’t forget that business intelligence solutions are flexible in most cases. It’s because it’s stored and processed in suitable formats. That’s why it’s very convenient to take advantage of it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this informative report.

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