Hi, in this review I’d like to illustrate some widely spread ATM frauds. Unfortunately currently the number of these crimes keeps on growing and as follows from this more and more people become their victims. In fact you can become their victim as well and I don’t want this to occur any way. So I hope that this article will help you to avoid this hazard.

First of all I’d like to illustrate PIN compromise. I should stress that PIN compromise methods range from quite technically advanced ones to relatively primitive techniques such as this shoulder surfing for example. As you might have guessed the essence of shoulder surfing is very primitive. So when using this primitive method a perpetrator stands very close to the victim and naturally he sees all the numbers inputted on the key pad. Though it’s relatively simple to do this since shoulder surfing doesn’t require any kind of technical knowledge but on the other hand a criminal exposes himself to a great risk of being noticed by his victim. So penetrators often apply a more advanced method of observation. For instance they often use a miniature camera transmitting the image of the entered PIN and recording it of course. I’d like to add that frauds often take advantage of mobile phones with video capture functions to compromise PINs. Besides this keyboard overlays are widely used too. So these fraud devices look very like real ATM key pads and they are fixed on top of real key pads. It’s clear this keyboard overlay records all the entered numbers and besides this it also permits the real keyboard to accept the inputted PIN. The same applies to cameras. I should stress that the keyboard overlay is able to transmit the captured information to a remote criminal or if required this information may be saved locally. Of course besides this criminals apply other methods of PIN compromise such as hacking, social engineering and so on.

And now I should mention card skimming which is also often used these days. So the main principle of this card skimming is making a copy of data stored on the magnetic stripe of the card. I should say that there are a lot of kinds of skimming devices specially designed to be applied in different environments. For example these may be hand held devices, door access skimmers and even miniature card entry slots. In fact hand held skimming devices are often associated with card skimming in restaurants and other retail establishments. Sometimes a criminal steals a consumer’s card makes a copy of the information stored on the magnetic stripe and then gives it back it to avoid suspicion. That’s how it works. I hope you’ll never experience it.

If you run your own business you might already have considered using ATM Services. It’s little wonder today that in many cases ATMs do make buying process for customers easier. But it’s not the only purpose cash dispensers can be used for. Enterprises can install ATMs for paying off salaries, etc.

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