Living In Makati City In The Philippines And Finding A Condo

Living in the Philippines is a daunting task for Westerners. The most popular area to stay in is Makati City, in Manila. Manila is the capital of the Philippines and Makati City is home to the central business district. There are lots of expats living within the area and the range of accommodations is excellent.

The country of the Philippines is a developing one. This means that it is not up to Western standards when it comes to accommodation and other amenities. However the business district of Makati City is a big step up from most places. Foreigners are not allowed to buy their own houses in the country, however they are allowed to buy condominiums.

Makati has a wide range of condos. Prices start very low for the locals and go as high as you can imagine full five-star quality. There are a small one bedroom or studio apartments available for single people, or much larger areas for whole families. Most will have a nice swimming pool and a gym facility. Most will also have 24 hour security and a nice lobby area.

It is worth having a look online for a nice apartment to stay in before arriving in the Philippines. However it is not necessary to book a place in advance. It is quite alright to book a hotel for a week and then do some browsing of the properties when in Makati City itself. There are lots of estate agents offering condos in Makati city. They will be very happy to show you their range of condominiums in the city.

Makati is very easy to get around, the taxis are available usually within seconds of walking onto the street. Like all Asian cities there is a heavy traffic problem, so it is best to avoid the rush hours when viewing properties. The city has an excellent infrastructure with very nice malls and a wide range of restaurants. Some of these restaurants are world-class and offer every type of cuisine imaginable.

The Philippines has a reputation for having dishonest taxi drivers and various other scam artists. Makati is relatively free of these things compared other areas. For example all taxis naturally use their meters in this area thanks to much stricter policing. The stringent police force in the area make the city a pleasant area to live in.

One of the nicest parts of Makati is the Greenbelt complex. This is a circular collection of small malls and restaurants that surround a lovely garden setting. It is a haven away from the concrete and traffic throughout the rest of Manila. It is certainly worth looking for a condo in Makati City which is close by to Greenbelt. However it is not necessary as there are nice restaurants spread throughout the city.
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