Comparing New Construction Lofts to Industrial Conversion Lofts

Warehouse Conversion Lofts have unique looks with nostalgic colors or exposed brick walls, original hardwood or steel columns and beems, concrete or wood, exposed electrical and heating/air conditioning ductwork, and high ceilings that are above 10 feet have been especially important for loft lovers. Larger, industrial style tall windows and open large spaces that can be converted into modern kitchens, upscale baths, large bedrooms and offices are the characteristics of a “hard loft”.

The popularity of newer lofts has created an opportunity for developers to re-rejuvenate neighbourhoods such as Toronto’s “St Lawrence Market“. Clearly, for a true loft lover, these “loft condos” are simply not the real thing, but regular condos with open spaces and tall ceilings, but for most city dwellers this concept of living space is very desirable.


A true loft is a conversion of a old factory or warehouse. They have a harder edge and are usually constructed of concrete or “mill-style” construction featuring exposed brick, original wood posts, beams and floors. Typically, these lofts have open floorplans and high and/or unfinished ceilings with exposed ductwork, plumbing and electrical. True Lofts can be found throughout Toronto, and many being zoned “Live/Work” make for ideal accommodations for smaller businesses operating from home and artists wanting to surround themselves in their work, cutting down on travel time and rent.


In recent years developers have built new developments with some of the characteristics of a hard loft such as high ceilings, large windows and open floorplans. These lofts typically have a softer edge……lacking exposed ductwork or plumbing, featuring carpet in some areas and modern kitchens and baths. Loft Condos have more in common with traditional condo than a true hard loft.


Condominiums can take many on forms structurally. They may be like traditional apartments, or they may more resemble townhouses. In fact, many traditional condos are converted apartment buildings or townhouse complexes. They typically have structured rooms and living quarters. They typically feature similar characteristics of a small suburban home (bungalow style, minus the basement and yard), only laid out in an apartment style.

True Loft living may not be for everyone, making the newer construction “loft condo” one of the of the most popular residential choices for people seeking to live in Toronto Lofts.

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